Heads-Up with Nevada Poker Player lvkid7


In the Sunday $10K Guaranteed on Ultimate Poker in recent weeks, PocketFives’ own Aaron lvkid7Bass banked $2,900 for finishing first out of 84 players. Bass is a regular contributor to PocketFives’ Nevada poker community and so we wanted to get the inside scoop on the first regulated online poker market in the US and one of its frequent players.

PocketFives: How are you feeling about your $2,900 cash in the Ultimate Poker $10K?

Aaron Bass: I’m ecstatic. It’s a tournament and I don’t get to play a lot of those, so it’s good to take down a big one when you have a chance. I don’t have a bigger bankroll to play the $100 buy-ins regularly either. Over the summer, I won an Ultimate Poker Summer Series event and along with it came a watch, which has gotten delayed and so they sent me a $100 ticket instead. That’s what I used to play the $10K.

PocketFives: How have the tournament fields been in Nevada?

Aaron Bass: The first few weeks were the peak in terms of traffic. The Sunday tournaments were getting 150 or more players and, since then, it has dropped off. In the nightly tournaments, the attendance is holding steady. The numbers have been steady for a few months now. Until Nevada can get compacts with more states besides Delaware, I don’t see the fields going up that much.

PocketFives: What trends have you noticed so far between WSOP.com and Ultimate Poker, two of the three regulated sites in Nevada?

Aaron Bass: I have seen more tournament play going to WSOP.com. I think Ultimate has the lockdown on Omaha. Ultimate is better for sit and gos, whereas WSOP.com is better for tournaments.

PocketFives: Real Gaming just soft launchedin Nevada. What do you hope to see from subsequent sites that join the market?

Aaron Bass: I hope when they open, they have promotions geared toward players who haven’t played much. If they can bring in players who don’t know online poker is back in Nevada, that will help. I don’t see Nevada alone having a lot of growth unless we get compacts with more states.

PocketFives: Do Nevada residents know that regulated online poker exists?

Aaron Bass: I have 10 friends who are recreational players who play live. Out of those 10, four or five have played online and bought in for a couple hundred dollars.