Heads-Up with Nevada Poker Player Michael Gatto (wholefnshow)


PocketFives had the opportunity to chat with Michael Gatto (pictured), aka wholefnshow, is no stranger to the online poker scene in Nevada. He has been a PocketFives member since 2007 and was a consistent winner in Ultimate Poker before the site’s demise. His lifetime winnings there amounted to over $57,000 in the game formats of his choice. We have just started seeing Gatto play on WSOP as 4Agreements, where he has accumulated almost $13,000 to date. Visit PocketFives’ Nevada poker community today!

PocketFives: How did you choose your player name?

Michael Gatto: Each one is different, but 4Agreements was to remind to try to live inside of the “4 Agreements,” a powerful book by Don Miguel Ruiz. I struggle to follow all four all the time, but strive to do so daily and in the moment.

PocketFives: What do you base your current success online?

Michael Gatto: A burning desire to get my bracelet and provide for my son. I have been winning online and live since 2003/2004. I am constantly evolving, being willing to objectively look at my game and add new tools to the toolbox. I am a student of human nature. I excel at understanding and profiling my opponents, knowing what they are trying to do and then getting them to do what I want.

I took an incredible personal development and leadership class a couple of years ago that focused on emotional intelligence. It’s the same class that Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Sorel Mizzi, Jeff Gross, and David Williams, among many others, have taken with measurable poker results after attending. I had fantastic success after I took the class, as I regained my confidence and found a balance and stability that was needed at the time. Lastly, goal-setting and a champion mindset are critical components to my success and to most successful people.

PocketFives: What do you like best about playing online poker?

Michael Gatto: For one, the flexibility to play the hours I can. I am a full-time single dad and it limits me being able to play live events as much as I did in the past. I also have had pretty serious medical issues for the past five or six years and the ability to still play online and provide for my family without leaving the house is priceless.

I love the ability to leverage dollars too. You can build your bankroll from as low as a buck. When Ultimate Poker started up, I ran a single $100 deposit into over $49,000 in winnings before the site shut down. $100 would get me maybe one buy-in live.

PocketFives: What was you most memorable moment of 2014?

Michael Gatto: Being able to finally play a couple bracelet events at the WSOP and playing well, knowing for sure my bracelet is coming this year.

PocketFives: Do you plan to play at the Rio for the WSOPthis year?

Michael Gatto: Yes, I’m set for a couple of events and am working on sponsors for a comprehensive package of events, creating a win-win situation for those who support me.

PocketFives: Is there anything else you want to add?

Michael Gatto: I have been working hard at being a champion at poker for over a decade. I have surrounded myself through the years with great players to improve our games and compete to be the best. I’ve played thousands of events and continually study the game through books, videos, and coaching.

I also have been part of and utilized the WPDG poker group here in Las Vegas and even moderated it shortly a few years back. This group features beginners, recreational players, working pros, and even Poker Hall of Famers. We bounce hands and topics around. The greatest benefit for me is to see how each group of players deals with situations.

I was blessed to have early success and turned that into over $350,000 in lifetime cashes and over 40 live wins. I’m a tournament and sit and go beast who has faced a ton of adversity and has made the most of very little. I’m the King of the Low Rollers! I am still chasing my dream and destiny of getting to the upper echelon and changing the stars for my son, family, and me. With the backing of my supporters and followers, this is my year to get it all! Please feel free to message me here or on Facebook or Twitter if you want to know more about me.

Thanks for reading, best wishes to the PocketFives community, and a special thanks to Steve Brogan for all his hard work and including me here.