High Stakes Poker: JayP-AA Resurfaces, Up $800K in 2015


Relatively unknown high-stakes poker player JayP-AA has been dominating the competition at the Pot Limit Omaha tables on PokerStars, raking in almost $800,000 this year.

JayP-AA, whose real name is unknown, has had an online poker presence since 2007, when he won $32 in a $3.30 NLHE Rebuy. It wasn’t until June 2011 that he created a PocketFives profile under the name jcp, setting his location as Sughd, Tajikistan – about as far from Vegas as one can be.

The anonymous grinder left a trail of modest tournament cashes in his wake until banking $107,856 for his second place finish in the Sunday Warm-Up in April 2011. Incidentally, it was around this time that JayP-AA was first spotted at the high-stakes tables on PokerStars.

In his first few sessions of PLO in April 2011, the up-and-coming pro went on a heater, pocketing $349,000 at his peak, according to HighStakesDB. It wouldn’t last long, though; before the end of the month, he had lost all but $67,000 of his original six-figure score.

JayP-AA continued playing on Stars, eventually losing all of his initial big PLO win, and rode a wave of variance that usually ended up with the unknown pro back where he started. In October 2013, he clawed his way back up to a $165,000 profit, but eventually lost it all and then some. By December of last year, he hit the lowest point in his tracked high-stakes game play, posting an overall loss of $261,000.

But 2015 has been good to the mysterious grinder and his luck has again changed decidedly for the better. His rebound started with his profits bumping up to $44,500 in the middle of January, followed by an even bigger surge to $175,000 a week later. After a few more winning sessions, JayP-AA closed the month out with a $250,000 profit.

This month, the hot streak has remained in full effect, with JayP-AA dragging a couple of monster pots. On the third, the PLO specialist put jricardoscall-in on the river with a $39,000 bet and showed a full house to pick up a healthy $90,000 pot. Five days later, he battled with Ike Haxton (pictured), who launched a check-raise river bluff in a big pot only to be called and shown the nut flush to lose $123,000.

After reaching the $600,000 profit mark, JayP-AA took a couple of hits and was knocked back down to around $440,000. But this week, the heater was back in full swing, with the anonymous grinder banking $300,000 since Sunday for an all-time high of $799,000.

JayP-AA has often shared a table with 2015’s biggest online money winner, Ilari Sahamies. The Finnish-born high-stakes pro is on an upswing of his own and recently broke the seven-figure mark in online cash games for the year. Other big winners include Crazy Elior, who ranks third on the money list with $349,000 in profits, and pro Scott Seiver, who occupies the fourth spot with $218,000 in winnings.

Amongst 2015’s top 50 grinders, JayP-AA has played the most hands at 27,000, with Sahamies coming in next on the list with 24,000.

If history is any indicator, JayP-AA’s hot streak could soon be negated by a downswing of equal or worse magnitude. It will be interesting to see if the anonymous grinder can make his current profits last.

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