High Stakes Poker: thecortster Up $619,000 Last Week


The last seven days have featured some wild swings at the high-stakes online poker tables involving the likes of Cort thecortsterKibler-Melby (pictured) and Viktor Isildur1Blom. Just to give you an idea, Blom crushed fellow high-stakes player DoorBreadfor $500,000 in a single session, while Kibler-Melby ended the week up $619,000, according to HighStakesDB. Ho hum.

The week began, according to the tracking site, with Kibler-Melby taking over $100,000 from Blom in a mere 40 minutes. As the site narrated, the encounter was mostly one-sided: “It was all one-way traffic, and after he’d dropped his relatively freshly minted bankroll, Isildur1 was out of there.”

Blom went on to face JesusLebtNOTand won over $200,000 to stop the bleeding a bit. And when we say “a bit,” we mean Blom won $700,000 in a span of eight hours on Friday and Saturday.

During that stretch, Blom took $202,000 from pro Seb talktloss47Ruthenberg and another half-million from DoorBread. As HighStakesDB heralded, “In total, (including the earlier $41k loss), Isildur1 took Doorbread for $490k and is up $690.6k at Full Tilt from the eight-hour session.”

In the ensuing days, Kibler-Melby won almost $500,000 from Blom (pictured) at Triple Draw, including $98,000 in a span of 50 minutes and 99 hands.

It was a profitable week for Kibler-Melby overall, as HighStakesDB explained, “At the week’s end, thecortster boasted a $479,805 profit at Full Tilt, the week’s biggest win, and a $139,411 profit at PokerStars. Isildur1 ended up with a $230,360 win at Full Tilt, the week’s second biggest win, and exactly even at PokerStars, with his $272k midweek win bookended with some sizable losses.”

Kibler-Melby has opted out of long-term tracking at HighStakesDB, but we do know that the site first started tracking him on Full Tilt four years ago and he’s logged 134,000 No Limit Hold’em hands. Since July 14, he’s up $479,000 in Draw Games, the only poker discipline he’s played.

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Image courtesy HighStakesDB