HoldEmX Launches Alpha Product; Asking for Feedback from Poker Community


HoldEmX is now available for Alpha testing.

If you’ve been waiting for a new variation of Hold’em to come along that takes influence from outside of the world of poker, then you’re going to be a happy camper. Mediarex Sports & Entertainment, the company behind the Global Poker Index and Global Poker League, has released an Alpha version of HoldEmX and is seeking feedback from players.

The game combines No Limit Hold’em with some game elements that will probably feel very familiar to video gamers. The game is played in a heads-up freezeout format using a standard 52 card deck. Each player starts a match with 1,000 chips.

The xDeck, a deck of 15 unique cards, allows each player to change the game throughout a hand. Prior to the match starting players can choose up to six of these cards to have at their disposal during a match. Each card has a value and players must select their six xCards within a pre-determined budget. They can also choose to “ban” three cards from use, bringing in multiple layers of strategy.

Examples of cards in the xDeck include “Re-Deal Flop”, “3rd Hole Card”, “6th Street” and cards that allow a player to change any heart to a diamond and any club to a spade.
The game, available at HoldEmX.com, has been released in Alpha mode to allow game developers an opportunity to get feedback from experienced poker players and gamers alike.

“We wanted to release this alpha as soon as possible to get as much feedback as possible before moving on to development of a beta version. The game works – but our current lobby/ game registration system is still very bare-bone,” the company said in an email to prospective players.

Players who have tried the game are invited to leave feedback here.


    • Pretty fun. There is one glitch, if opponent doesn’t finish selecting cards during time limit you are stuck looking at the screen with no options. You cant leave the match to find a new match or anything really.