How To Win a PokerStars Platinum Pass

PokerStars Platinum Pass
A PokerStars Platinum Pass could be your ticket to play in PSPC 2020 (photo: PokerStars)

Every poker player wants to play in the PokerStars Players Championship in Barcelona this August, but not everyone can afford to buy-in for €22,500 (approx. $25,000). Winning a PokerStars Platinum Pass – which includes the buy-in and money for travel and accommodations – could be your ticket to the big dance, and there are plenty of ways to win one.

Included in the ways to win a Platinum Pass are the Mega Path qualifier promotion, PokerStars live events, Mystery Chests, and more. Here are the details on how to win a PokerStars Platinum Pass for PSPC 2020.

PSPC Mega Path

One of the most popular ways to try and win a Platinum Pass is through the PokerStars Mega Path. Through Mega Path, players can work their way through a four-step path that has a Platinum Pass being awarded at the end. Plus, you can get started with Mega Path for as little as $2 or 50 Stars Coin.

Pierre Lewandowski is one of the many players to win a Platinum Pass via Mega Path. Lewandowski won a Platinum Pass to the first-ever PSPC by winning a MegaStack event in Dublin and this time he did it through Mega Path. Not only did Lewandowski win a second Platinum Pass, but he won the second one on his birthday.

PokerStars Live Events

Another way to win a Platinum Pass is by doing so at a PokerStars live event, and there are plenty on offer for 2020. As of Saturday, January 11, PokerStars had confirmed 21 live events and plenty of them lead up to PSPC.

As part of the schedule are ‘Road To PSPC’ events. Like the name suggests, these events are just that, they’re roads to the PokerStars Players Championship. These events have a specific focus to awarding Platinum Passes and come at accessible price points.

One player who has already won a Platinum Pass for Barcelona is Scott Baumstein, who did so by winning the Moneymaker’s Road to PSPC – Seminole Main Event in December 2019. In that $360 buy-in tournament, the New Jersey grinder topped a field of 464 entries to win a Platinum Pass. If you remember, Baumstein made the final table of the first PSPC, finishing fourth for $1.657 million.

Playing On PokerStars

Players can win Platinum Passes multiple ways by playing on PokerStars. Platinum Passes are given away through Mystery Chest promotions and Platinum Pass Experiences.

Steve Zander won his Platinum Pass via a Mystery Chest Drop. He was simply playing on PokerStars, opened a Mystery Chest, and boom, there was his Platinum Pass.

If you’d like to have a chance at a Platinum Pass from a Mystery Chest, log into PokerStars and play real-money stakes of at least $0.02/$0.05. If you win a hand with ace-five, the hand that Ramon Colillas won the first-ever PSPC with, you’ll have a chance to unlock a Mystery Chest to see if you are a Platinum Pass winner.

Oliver Hutchins won a £5 online qualifier that earned him the chance to compete for a Platinum Pass against seven other players at an exclusive Platinum Pass Experience tournament in London. Hutchins won the eight-handed tournament and scored a Platinum Pass.

Social Media and Twitch

PokerStars loves to get social, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Twitch. If you’re not already, make sure you follow all of their accounts so you can be made aware of any special social offering that is going to award a Platinum Pass.

Look at the UK’s Richard Robinson, who won his Platinum Pass by watching via Mason ‘pyefacepoker’ Pye’s Twitch stream.

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