Howard Lederer’s Las Vegas House for Sale for $8.9 Million


According to RedFinand Zillow, the Las Vegas mansion once occupied by the embattled Howard Lederer (pictured) is for sale for $8.9 million. The property, located at 99 Hawk Ridge Drive, was originally listed in August 2013, according to Zillow, but the poker community has recently begun gabbing about it.

Let’s start with the basics. Lederer’s former estate has nearly 9,000 square feetof space to sprawl out, eight bedrooms, and ten bathrooms. Zillow outlined some of its tricked-out amenities: “This is quite possibly the best finished home in Las Vegas, with over $15 million originally spent. This is a 1.75-acre estate compound that includes the secondary lot and 5,000 square foot guesthouse at 55 Skybird. Over $1.5 million spent in electronics alone, including an unrivaled, state-of-the-art movie theater.”

If you end up buying it, you’ll likely be paying around$46,000 in property taxes per year, which was the amount forked over in 2013. According to one poster on Two Plus Two, the guitar legend Carlos Santana lives nearby. That’s so “smooth.”

According to RedFin, the residence has a private pool and spa, downstairs wet bar, two-way fireplace, enough parking spaces for 10 cars, and an attached carport. It’s part of a community that charges a $600 monthly HOA fee, for which you get access to tennis courts, a spa, a golf course, and an exercise room, along with gated security.

One person on Two Plus Two added, “Someone who visited a couple parties there who worked for Full Tilt told me that when you’re outside by the pool and in other various areas, speakers elevate out of the ground to play music wherever you are.”

The pictures on RedFin make the home look quite ornate overall, complete with glitzy chandeliers, several large pieces of art, and an oversized outdoor chess board (pictured below) that reminds us of “Wizard’s Chess” in “Harry Potter.” It comes fully furnished, according to the listing, so no IKEA trip will be needed.

Lederer, a former Full Tilt Poker Board member, settled with the US Department of Justice in 2012for his role in running what the DOJ called a “global Ponzi scheme.” It took three years for any US Full Tilt Poker players to be paid back, sending Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and others involved in the site away from the poker community.

In the Government’s Second Amended Complaint, the 99 Hawk Ridge Drive property was specifically mentioned. Lederer had property at 2735 Twin Palms Circle, 5426 Fawn Chase Way, and 309 Kingsclear Court in Las Vegas forfeited to the Feds.

Zillow shows the last sale of the home as happening in 2008, when it fetched $674,000. Gavin Ernstone of Simply Vegas was the agent shown on the current Zillow listing.

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    • wait it sold for 674k in 2008 and now it’s listing for 8.9m??? something seems screwy.

    • Stars should get this house for free, I am impressed how the previous FTP owners can spew peoples money away and did not tried to sell previously in order to refund players.LOL at 1.5m electronics devices, value of this kind of devices is falling really fast with time, also impressed about how long they wait to try to sell this.