I Have The Worst Luck In The World

Published on Oct 18th, 2005
I Have The Worst Luck In The World

Have you ever found yourself saying something like this? Like you feel that if it wasn't for bad luck you'd have no luck at all?! Like you are the only person who is experiencing these AWFUL beats, time and time again?! Why are the bad plays constantly rewarded?! Why can't my hand hold up once in a while?! <READMORE>

I can't win at this stupid game because of all the monkeys I play with!!

Well I have come up with a 100% foolproof solution for you. And it's so amazingly mind bogglingly simple, that you will wonder how you didn't know about it before.



If you can't handle losing - don't play. If you can't handle having your hand beaten by another hand - don't play. If you can't accept the fact that no matter how badly you want to win, there is a chance you won't? - Don't play. Can't handle losing your money? Can't handle that you are GAMBLING? Can't handle the swings? Do not PLAY POKER.'

It is a part of poker. Get over it. Things will happen. Cards will be dealt out and results will enevitably follow.

I can't describe how excruciatingly painful it is to listen to someone whine and bitch about their "bad beats". Oh so you played out a hand, and his small percentage of winning came through? Big f'ing deal - I never realized that you were a 100% shoe in to win that hand?

Furthermore, what good does complaining do? Does it help you get better? Do you feel better about yourself? Are you analysing your complaint, or are you just bitching and whining about your opponents and your luck? Why are you even bothering to play this game if you can't handle that yes, you will lose sometimes - no matter how good you play.

If you honestly believe that your "luck" runs any worse than anyone else's... than you really shouldn't be playing this game. You don't understand it. It's pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that you really don't understand any of the basic concepts of this game at all. And I mean, AT all. Go play a game that doesn't require any gamble to it.

Picture this conversation.

"Wow, please tell me how you lost that!?!?! You mean you got ALL your chips in with AA vs his T4o and you LOST?!?! You hit your set of A's too?! AND YOU STILL LOST?! OMG That is IMPOSSIBLE! Pocket aces are 100% favourite to beat that hand! He literally had 0.00% chance to win this hand and he beat you!?"

"Well no, but I was a HUGE favourite...like HUGE - he had to catch runners and he did!!"

"Err...wait. Oh, so there was a slight percentage that you could have lost? And you mean to tell me that you got all your chips in the middle for a huge pot as a good favourite and it just didn't work out? So... really, you're mad at who? The player for giving you such a wonderful spot for doubling up? Or are you mad at the cards that have no memory or serve no other function that to determine who wins a hand? Oh, okay I get it - you're mad at the actual PokerSite because they have a hate on for you. I can see that, out of the millions of people that play everyday, they specifically point out you to make sure you can't win.... gotcha."

So... do you have a brain err no?

If you haven't realized by now that poker has a certain degree of luck to it - stop playing.

There is a reason why successful players are successful. They work hard at improving. They do not sit around and mope. They don't complain about their luck. They don't complain about their opponents luck. They don't whine, moan, bitch, complain, agonize, go bizerk or cry about what happens in the game.

The moment somebody loses a poker hand when they are 100% - 0% to win going to the final card - please tell me. I really want to hear about that. Until than, get over it. Focus on playing solid poker. There are people out there who can and will help you - but if you want to focus on bad beats, good riddance - go off and complain with the other whiners in Bad Beat Land where the only bad beats happen to them... because they don't happen to every single other person who has ever played a game of cards.

Sorry for sounding so cruel, but I've really had it up to here. If you want to complain - go somewhere else and complain about your opponents and your luck. I know on this site, their is a section for it - so utilize it.

But in general, before you complain about a bad run, a beat beat, a lucky catch or a monkey opponent - think about what you are doing and what it is doing to your game. It certainly isn't helping it, I know that for sure.

-Gidders (1000+ posts without a bad beat story) </READMORE>


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