iMsoLucky0, imahustla1 Win WSOP Bracelets


PocketFivers are up to 16 World Series of Poker bracelets won this year after capturing two more on Tuesday at the Rio in Las Vegas. We’ll start with Jordan iMsoLucky0Morgan (pictured), who needed an extra day of play to take down a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament (Event #44) and bag $478,000.

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It only took an hour of heads-up play to determine a winner on Tuesday, as Morgan defeated Evan McNiff. On the final hand of the tournament, Morgan 3bet all-in before the flop and McNiff called off his stack, showing A-K against Morgan’s 6-6. Neither player improved and Morgan shipped his first WSOP bracelet.

Morgan already owned a WSOP Circuit ring and now adds a bracelet to his coffers. He told WSOP officials following the tournament, “It’s validation to win. I’ve been coming here for ten years. It’s great to finally get the bracelet that I’ve always wanted.”

It took over six hours of heads-up play to determine a winner in this event, leading Morgan to say of the two-way battle, “I’ve played a lot of heads-up poker, so for me this was a game of adjustments. He adjusted really well pretty quickly. Then, it took me a while to adjust back… We were playing a game where the other guy kind of knew what the other was doing, so we had respect for each other. A lot of minor changes back and forth can make a big difference.”

Interestingly, Morgan’s victory came on the same day as his ninth wedding anniversary, so we should congratulate him on that distinction as well. Here’s how the final table cashed out:

1st Place: Jordan iMsoLucky0Morgan – $478,102
2nd Place: Evan McNiff – $295,727
3rd Place: Jason Johnson – $204,464
4th Place: Ray WirdPair Foley – $147,463
5th Place: Bryan Dillon – $107,800
6th Place: Robert Chorlian – $79,842
7th Place: Joseph Iarussi – $59,920
8th Place: Ryan Spittles – $45,554
9th Place: Michael Anselm – $35,063

Also at the Rio on Tuesday, Will imahustla1Givens (pictured) earned his first WSOP bracelet in a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event (#45). The tournament began on Sunday with 1,841 players and, by Tuesday, only one was still standing. Givens earned $306,000 and made his second WSOP final table in a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event in a week.

There could have been a little karma at work as well, as Givens, a Colorado native, found himself seated with a dealer from his home state on the Day 2 restart: “I get a dealer from Denver and we were just kidding it off. I start with 36,000 and next thing I know, I’m at 130,000, 140,000. Then, I just stayed composed. [On Day 3], I was in the exact same seat I was in when we were down to two tables… That’s when I was like, ‘This is destiny.’ I couldn’t believe I was here and it was a repeat. Except this time I won.”

Online, Givens has $2.3 million in online scores in his profile and earned $122,000 for winning the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guaranteed four years ago. He has won the $1K Monday, Super Tuesday, Friday Night Fight, and Sunday Second Chance, just to name a few.

Here’s how the final table cashed out:

1st Place: Will imahustla1Givens – $306,634
2nd Place: Angela Prada-Moed – $189,632
3rd Place: Paul Sokoloff – $131,110
4th Place: David Hass – $94,559
5th Place: Patrick Curzio – $69,125
6th Place: Duy Ho – $51,198
7th Place: Dmitrii Shchepkin – $38,423
8th Place: Ivan Saul – $29,211
9th Place: Loren Klein – $22,484

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    • I agree Chrisp, I do have some qualms with everything regarding Will, but Ive also heard that he has repaid what he stole, so while he messed up pretty badly and will be hard for the community to trust him in the future, let’s hope he’s done everything possible to right those wrongs and can move past it.Having said that, let’s not take away from Jordan Morgan, one of the oldest P5ers ever, shipping a bracelet. He was the first guy who ever backed me and taught me a lot about the game, what a beast, happy for you bud!

    • Jordan Morgan is a really great guy, I’m really happy for him too. I don’t know anything about what happened with Will. Is there a link to updated information about it?

    • Adam – I was going to stay out of this, but feel I need to comment now on my experiences with Will Givens.

      Will Givens stole money from people including me for a WSOP stake a few years ago he ran on P5s (and I think another forum). He paid me back over a year later after constant emails and chasing up. I don’t think he has paid everyone back there, just the people that were constantly after him.Also as of late last year, his old pre Black Friday backer was owed tons of money. I doubt this was paid to date since there were threats on both sides, but could be wrong.

      I was told by this person that Will basically lead him to believe he had no intentions of paying him. This money was stolen and had nothing to do with Black Friday since the issue predated that. I only have one side to the story, but I have no reason to believe his old backer would be completely off-base.

      I invested him in after a few respected P5ers vouched for him and didn’t know about the prior issue at the time. The vouch really meant nothing. If I knew about this issue with his longer term backer, I would have never invested in him a few years ago.

      I must note that I do appreciate I was paid back, since I have been scammed by other people in the past that didn’t care enough about what they did to repay people they stole from. This includes people that are still going to Vegas now, yet can’t pay me back the relatively small amount they have stolen from me. I must also note that I don’t feel I received back what I should, but was happy to get what I did and just write both the incident and Givens out of my life. To be honest, what I did receive eventually was what I told him he should send (which was less than I should have, but after so much time being spent on this, just wanted it behind me).

      There is no doubt that Will can play poker, but it should be noted he should not be trusted. I do not believe I would have ever been repaid if I wasn’t constantly emailing him. That being said, Dan is reporting the news. Givens won a bracelet. I am personally not celebrating, but do think it should be reported as news.

    • Nuts and worse.Congrats Jordan, so much deserved after all those years of poker :-)Shame on u Will, past is past but you can now research in your mailbox and pay what you owe, that would be a good start for your karma.

    • Poor waxy. Had no idea you’d been fleeced so many times. Sounds like this Will guy is right up there with 7delux. In his defense, he does claim to be a hustla…

    • Poor waxy. Had no idea you’d been fleeced so many times. Sounds like this Will guy is right up there with 7delux. In his defense, he does claim to be a hustla…

      I mean its actually pretty small considering how many people I have been involved with. Some guys you should just never trust.

    • Well now he has 306 Thousand reasons to pay back what he owes and hopefully he will contact everyone and do the right thing….His inbox is probably full as we speak