Isaac Baron Wins Second GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title For $412K

Isaac Baron won his second GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for over $412K.

In his third appearance at a $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table, online poker legend Isaac Baron (‘westmenloAA’) became the just fourth player in the history of the high-roller tournament to win it twice after he outlasted the 204-entry field and walked away with the $412,449 first-place prize.

With the victory, Baron joins Michael Addamo, Darren Elias, and Lucas Reeves in the elite club of players who have captured two Super MILLION$ titles. It also propels Baron up over $1.35 million in total Super MILLION$ earnings, good enough for a Top 10 spot on the tournament’s leaderboard.

Based on his long list of online poker accolades, Baron was one of the favorites to win it all headed into the final table. However, he first had to deal with Brazil’s Bruno ‘brunovolks’ Volkmann, the current #7-ranked player in the world and chip leader headed into the final table. Like Baron, Volkmann has also previously won a Super MILLION$ and was looking to take his chip lead to claim a second title.

Also earning a spot in the final nine were top-ranked Brazilian Pablo ‘pabritz’ Brito Silva as well as 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Damien ‘tritu’ Salas.

Salas started the day sixth in chips, however, an early confrontation sent him to the rail sooner than he may have expected. After an open from ‘25th Baam’ in early position, Salas flatted in the cutoff with JcJs. ‘Beast2018!’ three-bet holding the AdKs. After ‘25th Baam’ folded, Salas shoved his 40 big blind stack. After a few seconds ‘Beast2018!’ made the call and he paired his ace right away on the AhTd2h flop. The As turn gave ‘Beast2018!’ trips, leaving Salas looking for one of the final two jacks in the deck. The river was the 5d and Salas exited in ninth place for $51,656.

Over thirty minutes later, ‘7ingls7’ opened in mid-position with AdKc. Right behind him, a short-stacked ‘Nator’ put his final six big blinds in the middle with 7d7s. Action folded back to ‘7ingls7’, who snap-called putting ‘Nator’ at risk. The flop came Tc6h4s, keeping ‘Nator’ out front and in position to double. The 4c hit the turn but the Kd spiked on on the river and awarded the pot to ‘7ingls7’. ‘Nator’s run ended in eighth place for $66,860.

The pace of play slowed down even more, as nearly an hour of seven-handed play took place. Eventually, ‘7ingls7’ put in a raise from the cutoff with KcQc and when folded to Russia’s Gleb Tremzin in the big blind, he put in his final five big blinds with Jd8d. Again, ‘7ingls7’ quickly called the shorter stack. The table watched as the board ran out 6h3d2h4hTs, awarding another knockout to ‘7ingls7’ and sending Tremzin home in seventh for $86,706.

Forty minutes later it was a different story for ‘7ingls7’ who, rather than calling short stacks, was the short stack himself. From the button, ‘7ingls7’ shipped his final eight big blinds with Ks9d right into the AsAd of ‘25th Baam’ in the small blind, who made the easy call. The board JhJs4h5h3h board provided little drama and ended ‘7ingls7’s tournament in sixth place for $112,444.

With five left, the action heated up. When folded to in the small blind, Baron put in a raise holding JdJs. ‘Beast2018!’ opted to three-bet shove his 25 big blind stack from the big blind with As7s. Baron, with the chip lead quickly called and the flop fell Td7c4h. ‘Beast2018!’ picked up a pair and some extra outs, but Baron’s overpair held through the 4s turn and 8s river. Baron’s lead increased and ‘Beast2018!’ was eliminated in fifth place for $145,823.

At four-handed the stacks were polarized with Baron and Volkmann sitting on the two larger stacks and both ‘25th Baam’ and Pablo Brita Silva looking to double. From the button, the aggressive Volkmann open-shoved his Ks7h into both of the smaller stacks. After ’25th Baam’ folded, Silva called with his JhJc. The flop came AcAh6s, putting Silva in great shape to win the hand. But Volkmann hit one of his three outs when the Kd hit the turn. The 5s river was of no help to Silva who went out in fourth place for $189,109.

Two hands later, Baron opened the button with Ad4s and from the big blind ‘25th Baam’ shipped his final 15 big blinds in with JsTs. Baron made the call and the flop came Qh9c2h giving ‘25th Baam’ some additional straight outs. But the turn was the 7c and the river came the As, which gave Baron top pair and ended Japan’s ‘25th Baam’s journey in third place, good for $245,244.

Both Baron and Volkmann were deep stacked headed into heads-up play. Although Baron held the chip lead, they were 60 big blinds effective and it looked like fans were in for a lengthy heads-up match. That was not to be the case though as it only took three hands to determine which of these two players would become a two-time champ.

Volkmann raised the button with 8d7c and Baron flatted the big blind with As9d. The flop came AcJd8c and Baron checked his top pair over to Volkmann who put in a small bet with bottom pair. Baron check-raised his pair of aces and after a few seconds, Volkmann made the call. The turn was the Ks and Baron checked it over to Volkmann again. Volkmann put out a bigger bet which Baron just called. When the river came the 9h Baron checked a third time and Volkmann, with a little more than a pot-sized bet left, opted to shove. Having made two pair, Baron called and ended the tournament. Volkmann missed out on becoming the two-time Super MILLION$ winner himself but walked away with a $318,042 payday as the runner-up.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (3/16)

1. Isaac Baron – $412,449
2. Bruno Volkmann – $318,042
3. ‘25th Baam’ – $245,244
4. Pablo Brita Silva – $189,109
5. ‘Beast2018!’ – $145,823
6. ‘7ingls7’ – $112,444
7. Gleb Tremzin – $86,706
8. ‘Nator’ – $66,860
9. Damian Salas – $51,556