Isaac Haxton Takes $180,000 from Viktor Blom in CAP PLO


On Saturday, Isaac Haxton (pictured) and Viktor Blom, better known as luvtheWNBAand Isildur1 online, respectively, took to the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables on Full Tilt, according to HighStakesDB. As the tracking site outlined, when all was said and done, Haxton ended the match up $180,000, not a bad haul for one day.

During an 80-minute session in the afternoon on Saturday, Blom shipped $141,000 to Haxton. And, according to HighStakesDB, a lack of experience in PLO could have been to blame: “Haxton has been working hard on his PLO game of late, whereas Isildur1 has rarely been seen at the big bet games in recent months, instead choosing to play in the Limit or Mixed Games.” Blom’s loss rate was $1,700 per minute during the hour-plus session.

Several hours later, Haxton and Blom reconvened and the former raked in another $30,000. HighStakesDB added that Blom’s “final throw of the dice versus Haxton was a 26-hand session at the $100/$200 tables, but once again he came up short, losing a final $8k. Haxton ended the day up $180.3k.”

HighStakesDB started tracking Haxton in mid-2007 and he is up $1.8 million since then in high-stakes games. This year alone, Haxton has profited $1.4 million. He has made over a quarter-of-a-million dollars in PLO.

HighStakesDB began tracking Blom (pictured) in 2009 and he is down $3.3 million lifetime, including almost $1.7 million this year. He has bled over $4.1 million in PLO over the course of his career and was the fixture of the high-stakes community in 2009.

Blom had been absent from Full Tilt for two months after parting ways with the site, which essentially dissolved its Professionals sponsored pro team in October. Blom officially returned on December 5.

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