Isaac Haxton Wins First GGPoker Spring Festival Title, $231K

Isaac Haxton took hom the biggest Saturday score in GGPoker Spring Festival action (partypoker photo)

Isaac Haxton must have seen all of the top players winning GGPoker Spring Festival events and decided to finally throw his hat into the ring. After posting one runner-up finish and three third place finishes, Haxton broke through into the winner’s circle to take home nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Haxton topped the 83-entry field in Event #101-H ($10,300 PLO-NL High Roller) to add $230,885.58 to his bankroll. Finland’s Eelis Parssinen finished in second place and won $166,934.84 while Ami Barer banked $120,697.23 for his third place finish.

Haxton’s closest previous call came in Event #23-M ($2,625 High Roller) where he finished runner-up to Sam Greenwood.

judd trump‘ secured their third win of the series by working their way through 98 other entries in Event #103-H ($5,250 PLO-NL Bounty High Roller) to add $114,373.05 to their earnings. Falling one spot short of winning a second title, Dario Sammartino had to settle for a $74,323.73 consolation prize. Connor Drinan finished in third place for $54,539.91.

‘judd trump’ won Event #43-H ($5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR) and Event #44-H ($1,050 High Rollers Main Event) for a combined $247,400.75.

MezzoXpresso‘ topped the 164 other entries in Event #104-H ($1,050 Hyper [6-Max]) to win $40,123.57. Ami Barer grabbed the silver medal and $29,010.06 for his second top-three finish of the day. Pascal Hartman wound up in third place and secured a $20,974.86 payday.

The Saturday schedule also included a pair of events focused on the Asian time zone. ‘Weedsmoker93‘ beat out 331 other entries to win Event #99-H ($525 Bounty Hunters Asia) for $29,773.11. ‘broenc‘ earned $12,463.39 for finishing in second place and ‘confederatel3‘ banked $10,111.14 as the third place finisher. ‘illywilly97‘ took down Event #100-H ($1,500 Asia Superstack Classic) for their second GGSF title. This win came with $76,135.82 in earnings. Runner-up ‘Fantastik55’ earned $57,093.69 while Barak Wisbrod grabbed $42,814.25 for finishing third.

Event #99-H ($525 Bounty Hunters Asia)
Entries: 332
Prize pool: $166,000

  1. Weedsmoker93 – $29,773.11
  2. broenc – $12,463.39
  3. confederatel3 – $10,111.14

Event #100-H ($1,500 Asia Superstack Classic)
Entries: 256
Prize pool: $364,800

  1. illywilly97 – $76,135.82
  2. Fantastik55 – $57,093.69
  3. Barak Wisbrod – $42,814.25

Event #101-H ($10,300 PLO-NL High Roller)
Entries: 83
Prize pool: $830,000

  1. Isaac Haxton – $230,885.58
  2. Eelis Parssinen – $166,934.84
  3. Ami Barer – $120,697.23

Event #103-H ($5,250 PLO-NL Bounty High Roller)
Entries: 99
Prize pool: $495,000

  1. judd trump – $114,373.05
  2. Dario Sammartino – $74,323.73
  3. Connor Drinan – $54,539.91

Event #104-H ($1,050 Hyper [6-Max])
Entries: 165
Prize pool: $165,000

  1. MezzoXpresso – $40,123.57
  2. Ami Barer – $29,010.06
  3. Pascal Hartman – $20,974.86