Isildur1 Up $2.5 Million in the Last 10 Days


Viktor Isildur1 Blom (pictured) probably doesn’t want August to end. According to HighStakesDB, he is up $2.3 million this month and $2.5 million over the last 10 days. He won $600,000 on Saturday alone and continues to dominate the high-stakes online poker tables that HighStakesDB tracks. The question is, how long can he keep it up?

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The graph of Blom’s profits this month on PokerStars is largely flat until a mammoth run-up that began 10 days ago on August 20. He won almost a quarter-of-a-million dollars in the span of 24 hours and then promptly won another $553,000. From August 22 to 23, Blom racked up $147,000 in profit and by the time the 24th rolled around, he had amassed another $322,000.

August 24 to 25 saw Blom bank over $1 million at the high-stakes tables and he quickly added another $200,000 to that total by the 26th. As of Saturday, he has $2.3 million in profit for the month with 48 hours to add to his total.

All-time on PokerStars, Blom has $1.4 million in profits(pictured). He is up $1.2 million in Omaha High-Low and $300,000 in PLO. He has lost $343,000 in Draw games and profited slightly at No Limit Hold’em. On Full Tilt, Blom is down almost $5 million over the course of his career.

On Saturday, Blom battled with WithColor across several $200/$400 PLO tables. As HighStakesDB outlined, “Isildur1 was evidently the player on form for the majority of the match and, save for a $130k upswing around 1.5 hours into the 1 hour and 55 minute encounter, it was all downhill for WithColor, who ended up dropping $545k to Isildur1.”

HighStakesDB’s Saturday report pointed out that Blom dropped almost $700,000 to WithColor over the course of six hours at $200/$400 and $100/$200 PLO tables. The tracking site summarized, “WithColor was playing a much stronger game and Isildur1 wasn’t reacting well. The Swedish pro was being both outplayed and out-lucked, which only had the effect of sending Isildur1 into tilt-mode and his losses started to mount up.”

Blom has $1.7 million in career live tournament winnings, according to the Hendon Mob, the bulk of which came after winning the $100,000 PCA Super High Roller Eventthree years ago. He has not recorded a live cash since May 2014. Online, Blom won a SCOOP Main Event in 2013.

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