“It’s Filled with Guys with Deep Pockets Willing to Gamble it Up Early”


The title of this article is a scouting report of the PokerStars Sunday $100 Rebuy, which runs once a week and, earlier this month, attracted just over 900 entrants. Taking second on the final leaderboard was Andy wiisssppppaa Taylor (pictured), who earned $36,000.

“It feels good,” Taylor told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. “It’s the third time I’ve final tabled it, but it made for a great weekend.” The same day, Taylor took down the Full Tilt T-Rex and finished ninth in the Sunday Supersonic for another $15,000 total.

Taylor lost heads-up in the Sunday $100 Rebuy to fellow PocketFiver DaFace, who is ranked #16 in the world on PocketFives and has $3.3 million in career winnings. “He’s obviously a very good reg,” Taylor reported. “If I remember correctly, he came in pretty short and was playing snug with ICM considerations. Then, he won a few flips and ran over the table with four or five players left.” DaFace’s win was worth $50,000.

He is engaged to be wed and so will use some of the money from the PokerStars tournament to offset wedding costs. He’s also looking to buy a house. “There aren’t any wedding plans yet, so we’ll see how the year pans out before we go ahead and set a date and make plans,” Taylor said.

We wanted to talk about Taylor’s general approach to the Sunday $100 Rebuy, including when he takes rebuys and how aggressively he plays. “I always late reg,” he said. “One rebuy and one add-on give you a sub-50 big blind stack to play with. With that structure, it’s more than playable.” He usually registers just before late reg closes.

He added, “It’s well-known that the Sunday $100 Rebuy is one of, if not the hardest, Sunday Major, so it’s reg-filled with guys with deep pockets willing to gamble it up early to gain a huge stack. After late reg, you take that ability away from them. It’s an approach that works for me.” He has made three final tables in it with one win, so it’s hard to argue.

He started playing poker with friends in a local pub after football and, as he put it, “That progressed into playing £10 MTTs at my local brick-and-mortar casino. I’ve been playing professionally now for a year.”

Before playing poker, he was in the parachute regiment of the British Army and served for five years, with tours of Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt. “Poker is quite different career-wise,” he joked. “I loved poker while I was in the army. I came out and was in limbo of what path I wanted to go down. I was looking at maybe being a plumber and one weekend I won the Big $109 and got second in the $100 Rebuy within a couple of days, so I thought I should give it a shot.”

He admitted, “It took a year or so to really get to grasp how hard you actually have to work off the felt to make this a successful career, but thankfully things have turned out okay.”

His three Sunday $100 Rebuy final tables resulted in payouts of $39,000, $36,000, and $31,000 and took place in 2012, 2015, and 2014, respectively. He won thePokerStars Sunday Kickoff last October for $25,000 and is the #81 player worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings.

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