Jake Schindler Takes Down PokerGO Cup Event #5, Earns $324K

Jake Schindler made his first PokerGO Cup victory a big one. Schindler won Event #5 ($25,000 NLHE) for $324,000. (PokerGO photo)

Jake Schindler needed less than two hours on Sunday to earn $324,000 and grab his first PokerGO Cup title. Schindler beat David Peters heads up to win Event #5 ($25,000 NLHE) after a final table that had every elimination come from the two blinds doing battle.

Daniel Negreanu‘s first PokerGO Cup final table lasted just 30 minutes. Down to 14 big blinds, Negreanu moved all in from the small blind with [qs][7s] and Schindler called him from the big blind with [kh][qh]. The board ran out [9c][5h][4s][9s][8c] to miss both players and send the pot to Schindler as Negreanu was out in sixth.

Sean Winter was down to less than a single big blind ante and action folded to David Peters in the small blind. He called with [9c][2c] and Winter was all in with [7c][5h]. The board ran out [9s][7s][2d][jh][8s] to give Peters two pair and eliminate Winter in fifth place.

Five minutes after Winter departed, another blind versus blind situation took out another player. Schindler moved all in from the small blind with [qd][jh] and Stephen Chidwick called off his last 335,000 with [7c][7s]. The [ac][kh][2h] flop gave Schindler Broadway out. The [as] turn gave him three extra outs with a counterfeited two pair possibility. The river was the [th] to fill Schindlers’ straight draw and eliminate Chidwick in fourth.

Schindler had to wait just another 15 minutes before he took out the next player. Peters folded his button and Schindler moved all in from the small blind with [9s][6d]. Working with a six big blind stack, David Coleman called with [ac][3d]. The [qd][9d][5d] flop gave Schindler a pair of nines. The [kd] turn gave both players a flush, with Schindler holding the superior hand. The meaningless [7s] river made Coleman’s third place finish official. Coleman has now made three PokerGO Cup final tables. Before this third place finish, he came fourth in Event #1, and sixth in Event #4 for $255,000 in earnings.

Thanks to his bevy of eliminations, Schindler started the heads up battle holding a 3-1 chip lead over Peters. Over the 20 minutes of play that followed, Schindler maintained control and eventually had Peters down below 1 million in chips before the final hand of the tournament. Schindler limped with [qd][jd] and Peters shoved for 980,000 with [6d][6s]. Schindler briefly considered his options before calling. The [qc][8d][2c] flop moved Schindler in front and left Peters drawing thin to stay alive. The [5c] turn was no help and when the [ah] river completed the board, Schindler officially eliminated Peters to win his first PokerGO Cup title and take home $324,000 while Peters had to settle for a $216,000 consolation prize.

Schindler’s victory didn’t shake up the top three in the PokerGO Cup leaderboard, but Coleman’s third place finish moved him into fourth place. He trails overall leader, Ali Imsirovic, by 226 points.

PokerGO Cup Event #5 Payouts

  1. Jake Schindler – $324,000
  2. David Peters – $216,000
  3. David Coleman – $144,000
  4. Stephen Chidwick – $99,000
  5. Sean Winter – $72,000
  6. Daniel Negreanu – $45,000