Jared Bleznick Wins Poker Masters $10K 8-Game for First Live Title

Jared Bleznick beat a talented group of players at the final table to win the Poker Masters $10K Mixed Game event. (Drew Amato / PokerCentral)

Jared Bleznick has had a few close calls in live tournament play over the years, most notably at the World Series of Poker where he had a runner-up finish in 2013 and three third places finishes, one in 2017 and two this past summer. On Friday night in Las Vegas, Bleznick beat a talented group of players at the final table to win the Poker Masters $10,000 8-Game Mix event for the first live win of his career.

It didn’t take long to lose a player. The first elimination coming during a hand of Deuce to Seven Triple Draw just four minutes in. Brandon Adams raised to 100,000 with 8s7d3d3h2s, George Wolff re-raised to 150,000 with 9h6s4d3c2d, Nick Schulman called from the big blind with Td5h4s3s2c and Adams called to close the betting. Schulman picked up the 6d, Adams drew the 8h, and Wolff stood pat. Adams checked, Wolff bet 50,000, Schulman and Adams both called. Schulman drew the Qc, Adams picked up the 7s and Wolff stayed pat. Action checked to Wolff and he bet his last 60,000. Schulman and Adams both called again. Schulman picked up the 8d, Adams drew the 7c and Wolff stood pat a final time. Schulman bet and Adams folded, and Wolff was eliminated when his 9-6 was bested by Schulman’s 8-5.

Ten minutes later, Adams ended up on the outside as well. With Adams down to just 65,000 and paying 50,000 for the big blind, action folded to Schulman and he raised to 100,000 with Tc8c7c3s2s and Adams called with QdJc9c8s4h. Schulman drew the 5d and Adams drew the 9s and the 6s. Schulman stood pat over the next two draws and Adams was unable to improve to a hand better than Schulman’s 8-7 and was eliminated in sixth.

Triple Draw was the game in play for another bustout just eight minutes after Adams left. Action folded to Jake Abdalla in the small blind and he raised all-in to 80,000 with AdKs6d5s3d and Mike Gorodinsky called from the big blind with QdJdJh7d6c. Through the three draws, Gorodinsky improved to a 7-6 and Abdalla was unable to avoid a paired hand and was eliminated in fifth.

Bleznick picked up his first victim of the final table in a hand of No Limit Hold’em. Gorodisnky moved all-in for 415,000 with 9c7c and Bleznick took some time to think through his options before calling with Ad9s. The board ran out Tc6d4h2c3h to leave Bleznick in front and eliminate Gorodinsky in fourth place.

The game had rotated to Seven Card Stud Eight or Better when Schulman attempted to make a stand. Schulman got the last of his 370,000 chips in the middle with KcKs7h4d against Bleznick’s 8s7d4h3c. Bleznick improved to two pair to beat Schulman’s pair of kings and eliminate him in third.

Bleznick and Cary Katz played heads-up for 20 minutes before they clashed in a hand of Pot Limit Omaha. With the board showing Ts5s3cAd, Bleznick checked and Katz bet 450,000. Bleznick re-raised to put Katz all-in, Katz called and showed Th5h4s4c which put him behind Bleznick’s AsKcTd2d. The river was the Qs to eliminate Katz and give Bleznick the first live tournament win of his career.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Jared Bleznick – $153,000
  2. Cary Katz – $99,000
  3. Nick Schulman- $67,500
  4. Mike Gorodinsky – $45,000
  5. Jake Abdalla – $36,000
  6. Brandon Adams – $27,000
  7. George Wolff – $22,500

Purple Jacket Standings

  1. Chance Kornuth – 420
  2. Isaac Baron – 300
  3. Ryan Laplante – 300
  4. Jared Bleznick – 300
  5. Jonathan Depa – 300
  6. Alex Foxen – 270
  7. Thai Ha – 210
  8. Cary Katz – 210
  9. Ralph Wong – 150
  10. Sam Soverel – 150