Jareth East Wins WPTDeepStacks Online for $557,658

Jareth East
Jareth East won the WPTDeepStacks Online event for more than $550,000

On Wednesday, Britain’s Jareth East topped a record field in the WPTDeepStacks Online event at partypoker to win $557,658.14.

East’s triumph came from besting a 3,554-entry field. The $1,050 buy-in event proved the largest field size in WPTDeepStacks history. The win also proved to be the largest score of East’s poker career. Prior to this WPTDeepStacks Online win, East’s largest online score was for $132,200. His largest live tournament score was for $35,940.

East, a PocketFives member since 2013 who has been ranked as high as 12th in the world, defeated Jon Van Fleet in heads-up play. Van Fleet earned $392,717 for his runner-up performance.

East entered the final day of the event in ninth chip position with 15 players remaining. When it was all said and done, East was the last man standing to win the $557,658.14 first-place prize.

Notable deep runs were had by Ludovic Gelich (12th – $27,259.18), Govert Metaal (19th – $15,282.20), Connor Drinan (29th – $11,052.94), and Julien Martini (41st – $8,636.22).

Event #40 $1,050 WPTDeepStacks
Entries: 3,554
Prize pool: $3,554,000

  1. Jareth East – $557,658.14
  2. Jon Van Fleet – $392,717
  3. Dimitrios Farmakoulis – $253,755.60
  4. Maksim Bukreev – $167,748.80
  5. Phillip Mighall – $116,215.80
  6. Rimantas Petras Boguzas – $79,431.90
  7. Mihail Zavoloka – $55,087
  8. Sergei Denisov – $35,113.52

Maksim Bukreev, who entered the final day as the chip leader, placed fourth for $167,748.80. On his final hand, Bukreev opened from under the gun to 3.52 million with the blinds at 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante. Bukreev left himself with 420,628 behind after the raise. On the button, Van Fleet called and the two took a flop of Jh9d9c. Bukreev moved all in and Van Fleet called, to reveal that it was Bukreev’s KcTc up against the KhQs for Van Fleet. The turn was the 5d and the river was the 2c to bust Bukreev.

Farmakoulis fell in third place. East raised to 1.68 million from under the gun and Farmakoulis called out of the big blind to leave himself with 3.85 million behind. On the Ts9c2c flop, Farmakoulis moved all in and East made the call with the KhQd. Farmakoulis had the Js8s and bricked out with the 6d and 4h hitting the board.

Van Fleet had the lead to start heads-up play, with 65.54 million to East’s 40.75 million. The two battled for about 40 minutes before the final hand was played.

On the final hand, East limped the button for 1.2 million and Van Fleet checked his option in the big blind. The flop was Jh9s6s and Van Fleet checked. East bet 1.2 million and Van Fleet raised to 3 million. East then made it 5.4 million and Van Fleet shoved for 18.73 million. East called with the QsQc and Van Fleet had the Ks3s. The turn was the 5c and the river was the 2h to give Van Fleet the win.

Anton Yakuba Wins Mini WPTDeepStacks Online

As with the entire WPT Online Series at partypoker, there was a mini version of the WPTDeepStacks event. The Mini WPTDeepStacks Online had a $109 buy-in and drew a field of 10,400 entries for a $1.04 million prize pool. The winner was Anton Yakuba for $137,396.29 after a deal was made with Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho. Filho took home $129,311.72

Michael Tureniec finished third in the Mini WPTDeepStacks Online for $70,262.40, and Griffin Benger took fifth for $31,116.80.

Event #40 $109 Mini WPTDeepStacks
Entries: 10,400
Prize pool: $1,040,000

  1. Anton Yakuba – 137,396.29*
  2. Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho – 129,311.72*
  3. Michael Tureniec – 70,262.40
  4. Rodrigo Semeghini – $45,552
  5. Griffin Benger – $31,116.80
  6. Peter Haden – $21,008
  7. Ivan Tononi – $14,622.40
  8. Bernardo Soares – $9,287.20

*Denotes a deal.

Also running deep were Shawn Buchanan (12th – $7,134.40), Jan-Eric Schwippert (21st – $3,723.20), Paul Vas Nunes (26th – $2,506.40), and Kenneth Hicks (36th – $2,121.60).