Jason Koon Rides Dramatic Hands to PokerGO Cup Event #6 Win

Jason Koon came from behind to win PokerGO Cup Event #6 on Monday. (PokerGO photo)

Jason Koon started the final table of PokerGO Cup Event #6 ($25,000 NLHE) with the second shortest stack but over the course of four hours, Koon found himself on the winning side of a few dramatic hands and came through victorious for a $324,000 payday.

The first hand of the final table gave Koon a much-needed boost. Chip leader John Riordan raised to 30,000 from UTG and Koon defended his big blind. The flop came Kd5s4c and Koon check-called a bet of 20,000. The turn was the 9d and this time Koon check-called a bet of 75,000, leaving himself 245,000 behind. The river was the Tc and Koon checked once more. Riordan moved all in forcing Koon to a decision for his tournament life. After utilizing four time banks, Koon called and tabled Ks3s after Riordan showed AdQs. Koon moved into a tie with Thomas Winters for the second-biggest stack behind Riordan.

A half hour later, Riordan put his stack to work. Riordan opened to 30,000 from UTG with AdTd and Steve Zolotow called from his immediate left with KhQc. Both players checked after the Jd7d3c flop. The turn was the Qd and Riordan checked to Zolotow who bet 40,000. Riordan raised to 80,000 and Zolotow called, leaving just 140,000 in his stack. The river was the 9s and Riordan moved all in. Zolotow took a moment to consider his options and called all in and was shown the nut flush and was eliminated in sixth place.

The five remaining players battled for another 90 minutes before a blind versus blind bad beat was responsible for the next bustout. Cary Katz called from the small blind and Koon checked. The flop came Js8d4h and Katz led out for 95,000. Koon moved all in for 1,000,000. Katz snap-called. Katz snap-called and turned over KcKh while Koon had flopped top pair with KsJd.

“I think I’m just going to get ya, man,” Koon jokingly said to Katz. “Just the injustice of this flop and you having 15 big blinds. There’s no way they let you out of this.”

Koon’s good-natured ribbing turned out to be prophetic as the Jh turn gave him trip jacks. The river was the 7c and Katz was out in fifth place.

It took another hour of play to go from four players to three. After Koon doubled through Anuj Agarwal with 6d6h against KdJd, Agarwal was left with just 155,000 and was all in on the next hand on the button. Koon raised to 270,000 from the small blind and Riordan moved all in for 2,055,000 from the big blind and Koon called instantly. Agarwal tabled Jd9d, Koon showed AdAs, and Riordan showed KhTh. The board ran out QdJc8h6s3c to ship the entire 3,405,000 chip pot to Koon and eliminate Agarwal in fourth place.

That hand propelled Koon to the chip lead with 80.7% of the chips in play. Just six minutes later, Koon added to that lead and expelled the player who came to the final table with the chip lead. Koon moved all in from the button for 3,535,000 holding Qd9s. Riordan called with AcTc and Winters folded. The board ran out 7d4h4s9c8c to give Koon top pair on the turn and eliminate Riordan in third place.

Koon needed just four more hands to finish off Winters and capture his first PokerGO Cup title. Koon limped with 9d9h and Winters moved all in for 415,000 with Kc6c. Koon called and then took an ever firmer grasp on the pot with te 9s6d4c flop giving him top set. The Qs turn left Winters drawing dead as the Ac completed the board to make Winters the runner-up.

The win earned Koon, who finished second in Event #2 ($10,000 NLHE), 194 PokerGO Cup leaderboard points which moved him into second place, 107 points behind current leader Ali Imsirovic. Imsirovic will add to his total on Tuesday as he leads the final five players in Event #7 ($50,000 NLHE).

PokerGO Cup Event #6 Payouts

  1. Jason Koon – $324,000 USD
  2. Thomas Winters – $216,000 USD
  3. John Riordan – $144,000 USD
  4. Anuj Agarwal – $99,000 USD
  5. Cary Katz – $72,000 USD
  6. Steve Zolotow – $45,000 USD