Jason Mercier Chops WCOOP $700 NLHE Event for $229,000


Jason treysfull21Mercier (pictured) passed $1.7 million in tracked online MTT cashes with a third place finish in Event #24 of the 2013 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, a $700 No Limit Hold’em tournament. The tournament, which brought in nearly 3,500 entries, concluded with a four-way chop and Mercier took home $229,000.

Mercier was plugging away on Twitter throughout the tournament as it wrapped up on Monday. He notified his 74,000 followers about the chop, saying, “Did a deal 4 handed. Got $9K more than ICM… For $230K. Now playing for the title, the bracelet, and $30K extra to the winner.”

Mercier ultimately bowed out in third place, short of the $30,000 in extra prize money, and Tweeted, “Lost a couple nasty ones during 4 handed play after the chop. Just busted in 3rd… Very happy! Thanks so much for the support everyone!”

Mercier owns two WCOOP bracelets already. In 2010, he took down a $1,050 No Limit Hold’em event and banked $491,000 officially. Last year, he won a $10,300 Eight Game High Roller contest for a quarter of a million bucks. In 2009, came away with a win in a WCOOP Second Chance tournament and earned $24,000.

Here’s how Event #24 wrapped up:

1. vovanmillion (Russia) – $271,889.75
2. Pimmss (Netherlands) – $247,457.00
3. JasonMercier (Canada) – $229,965.47 (treysfull21)
4. romanooo64 (Malta) – $212,957.88
5. chosenwinner (Germany) – $99,384.05 (federigol)
6. javdani (United Kingdom) – $75,449.23
7. DEX888 (Germany) – $52,234.08 (daris pedes)
8. Skämmes (Sweden) – $29,018.93
9. glupakat (Bulgaria) – $18,572.12

Also recently, Jonathan “Iftarii” Jaffe (pictured) took down his second WCOOP title in Event #22, a $215 No Limit Hold’em tournament. Nearly 10,000 entrants turned out and the prize pool swelled to over $1.8 million. Jaffe won the tournament un-chopped for $251,000. Here’s how the final table cashed out:

1. Iftarii (Canada) – $251,673.45
2. LOL_U_91 (Belgium) – $226,673.44
3. brianm15 (Costa Rica) – $140,910 (brianm15)
4. RickyAs27 (Canada) – $94,940
5. Skrigepas (Denmark) – $75,152 (Skrigepas)
6. jinji men (Israel) – $56,364 (Jinji)
7. danger0us (Costa Rica) – $37,576 (danger0us)
8. VyruAlus (Lithuania) – $20,666.80
9. toolhead82 (United Kingdom) – $14,560.70

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