Kahle Burns Tops Ali Imsirovic to Take Down Poker Masters $25K NLHE

Kahle Burns beat Ali Imsirovic to win Event #9 of the 2019 Poker Masters. (Drew Amato/PokerCentral)

Last month Kahle Burns was in Rozvadov, Czech Republic winning the first two World Series of Poker bracelets of his career at WSOP Europe. On Wednesday he was in Las Vegas taking down his first Poker Masters title by beating Ali Imsirovic heads-up in Event #9 ($25,000 No Limit Hold’em).

The win was Burns’ third cash of the 2019 Poker Masters and moved him into second place in the Poker Masters Championship standings behind only Sam Soverel with just the $50,000 NLHE event left to play.

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The final six players played for over 90 minutes before the first elimination. From middle position, Sean Winter moved all-in for 360,000 with Ac5c and action folded to David Peters in the big blind who called all-in with QhJs. The 5h4s3hAd9d runout gave Winter two pair and Peters was out in sixth.

It took another 45 minutes before five players became four. From the button, Burns moved all-in for 1,350,000 with As7d and Elio Fox called all-in from the big big blind QcQh. The Kd6s3h flop kept Fox in control, but the Ah turn put Burns on top and the Jh was unable to save Fox from his fifth-place finish.

Soverel entered the final table with the chance to lock up the Purple Jacket. All he needed to do was win Event #9 and none of the other contenders would have been able to catch him. Unfortunately for Soverel, but fortunately for poker fans hoping for a race to the finish, that didn’t come to fruition. Imsirovic and Winter folded before Burns raised all-in from the small blind with 9c9h. Soverel called all-in from the big blind with KsQc. The Jh7d2d flop gave Soverel no help but the Td turn gave him an open-ended straight draw. The 3h river failed to complete that draw and Soverel was eliminated in fourth place. Soverel added 120 points to his Poker Masters Championship points total to extend his overall lead for the Purple Jacket.

It took just five minutes to get to heads-up play. Winter raised to 675,000 with KsQd, Burns re-raised to 1,250,000 with Ad9s and Winter called all-in. The board ran out Ah9h8dKdAc to give Burns a full house and eliminate Winter in third place.

Burns started heads-up play with a better than 5-1 chip lead over Imsirovic but over the course of 45 minutes, Imsirovic battled back to take a 2-1 lead. Burns was undeterred however and doubled back into the lead before putting the finishes touches on his first Poker Masters win. Imsirovic called with QcJc before Burns raised to 395,000 with AdJh. Imsirovic responded by moving all-in for 2,005,000 and Burns called. The Qd7d6d gave Ismirovic top pair but gave Burns a flush draw. The 2s turn was safe for Imsirovic but Burns completed his flush on the 2d river.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Kahle Burns – $416,500
  2. Ali Imsirovic – $269,500
  3. Sean Winter – $183,750
  4. Sam Soverel – $122,500
  5. Elio Fox – $98,000
  6. David Peters – $73,500
  7. Alex Foxen – $61,250

Purple Jacket Standings

  1. Sam Soverel – 810
  2. Kahle Burns – 630
  3. Chance Kornuth – 630
  4. Sean Winter – 480
  5. Ali Imsirovic – 450
  6. George Wolff – 420
  7. Alex Foxen – 330
  8. Kristen Bicknell – 300
  9. Sergi Reixach – 300
  10. Isaac Baron – 300