‘Lastbullet’ Beats Negreanu, Madsen to Win WSOP Online Event #22

'Lastbullet' battled through a tough final table to win Event #22 on Thursday night.

Two previous World Series of Poker Player of the Year winners and a 2020 WSOP Main Event final tablist highlighted the final table of WSOP Online Event #22 ($600 NLHE Knockout) on Thursday night, but after 2.5 hours of play it was ‘Lastbullet‘ who emerged victorious.

‘Lastbullet’ outlasted the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Jeff Madsen, and Ryan Hagerty on their way to a WSOP bracelet and a $46,796 payday.

It took 15  minutes to get the first bustout out of the way. Down to just 2.5 big blinds after doubling up Madsen, ‘shvszn‘ moved all in for 95,855 from the small blind and Michael Ziemba called from the big blind. Ziemba tabled Qd3c and Ziemba showed As4h. The board ran out Tc7c3dAc4h to give Ziemba two pair and eliminate ‘shvszn’ in ninth place.

Madsen came to the final table with the smallest stack and managed to ladder up one spot before going on his merry way. Action folded around to Madsen on the button and he moved all in for 674,744. Negreanu re-shoved from the small blind for 1,549,971 forcing ‘Lastbullet’ to fold his big blind. Madsen turned over 9d9s but Negreanu showed better when he tabled TdTh. The Jh7c7d flop changed nothing and Madsen could only watch as the 5s turn and Qh river completed the board to cement his eighth place finish.

Ten minutes after Madsen left, he had company on the rail. Ziemba raised to 100,000 from UTG and Paul Scaturro called from the big blind. Scaturro then checked the Ah7h6s flop and Ziemba bet 234,375. Scaturro then moved all in for 1,598,950 and Ziemba called and turned over AsKc which was in rough shape against Scaturro’s 7d7s. The 3c turn left Ziemba drawing dead and the Js completed the board to make his seventh place finish official.

Ten minutes later, ‘Lastbullet’ picked off the first of his three final table victims. Matthew Hunt moved all in from the button for 1,051,796 and ‘Lastbullet’ called from the big blind. Hunt showed QhJh while ‘Lastbullet’ had the edge with AdTd. The Ac6h5s flop gave ‘Lastbullet’ a stranglehold on the hand and Hunt’s bracelet hunt was over in sixth place as the 4h and 3c fell on the turn and river.

Hagerty, who made the final table of the 2020 WSOP Main Event U.S. event, shoved his last 856,823 into the middle from the cutoff and Negreanu called from the big blind. Hagerty was drawing live with Kh9h against Negreanu’s AcJh. Hagerty moved ahead with the Qs9c6c flop but Negreanu took back control when the Jc hit the turn. The Js river gave Negreanu trip jacks to eliminate Hagerty in fifth place.

A battle of the blinds ended the night for Scaturro. Negreanu and ‘Lastbullet’ folded and Scaturro moved all in for 1,614,182 from the small blind and Ryan Basile called from the big. Scaturro showed JdTc while Basile tabled AsKs. The Ad6h2d flop gave Basile top pair and when the 4s hit the turn, Scaturro was left drawing dead. The meaningless 8s river sent the pot to Basile and eliminated Scaturro in fourth.

Negreanu began three-handed play with the shortest remaining stack and after 15 minutes of play, the six-time bracelet winner was shown the door. ‘Lastbullet’ opened to 345,678 from the button and Negreanu called the additional 185,678 from the big blind. After the Qc4c4s flop, Negreanu check-called a bet of 345,678 from ‘Lastbullet’. The turn was the 2s and Negreanu moved all in for 1,038,766 and ‘Lastbullet’ called. Negreanu had flopped top pair with Qs9h but ‘Lastbullet’ had flopped top pair, top kicker with AsQh. The river was the Kh and Negreanu was eliminated in third place, sending ‘Lastbullet’ to heads up with a 2.5-1 chip lead.

This was Negreanu’s fifth 2021 WSOP Online cash but his first final table appearance. Negreanu’s previous deepest run was a 62nd place finish in Event #12.

The final two players battled for 24 minutes before ‘Lastbullet’ captured the gold. From the button, ‘Lastbullet’ raised to 400,000 and Basile called. The flop came Jd5d3h and Basile checked. ‘Lastbullet’ bet 400,000 and Basile moved all in for 2,773,873 and ‘Lastbullet’ called instantly. Basile showed 6d4h for an open-ended straight draw while ‘Lastbullet’ tabled 7d4d for a flush draw paired with a gutshot straight draw. The Qd turn ended all suspense and the Qs river completed the board to eliminate Basile in second place and crown ‘Lastbullet’ the champion.

Among the notables amongst the 99 players who cashed on Thursday were Ryan Riess (31st – $1,058), Ryan Hohner (34th – $1,058), current #1-ranked American online poker player Christopher Basile (44th – $903), Michael Leib (47th – $793), Katie Lindsay (48th – $793), and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Ryan Leng (76th – $596).

Event #22 ($600 NLHE Knockout) Final Table Payouts

  1. ‘Lastbullet’ – $46,796
  2. Ryan ‘badbeatbill’ Basile – $28,708
  3. Daniel ‘DNegs’ Negreanu – $19,851
  4. Paul ‘rungood27’ Scaturro – $13,946
  5. Ryan ‘hagzzz021’ Hagerty – $9,958
  6. Matthew ‘BraceletHUNT’ Hunt – $7,226
  7. Michael ‘PIEROGI’ Ziemba – $5,354
  8. Jeff ‘NedrudRelyt’ Madsen – $4,032
  9. ‘shvszn’ – $3,084