Lithunania’s Tomas Jozonis Wins First GGPoker Spring Festival Title

Friday saw the culmination of three high stakes tournaments in the GG Spring Festival

A cool and calm Friday for the GGPoker Spring Festival saw three high roller events play out to a finish with each winner claiming their maiden GGSF title. Across the three tournaments, $380,000 in prizes was up for grabs with Tomas Jozonis taking home the biggest pay out of the day.

Jozonis, a former aspiring beach volleyball star, picked up his first title of the GGPoker Spring Festival. The Lithuanian grinder is no stranger to the high stakes scene with over $3 million in online cashes and just shy of a million in live earnings. The former #1-ranked Lithuanian player bested 114 other entries to win Event #61-H ($2,100 Bounty) for $45,102.09, the biggest prize of the day. Romain ‘Flingue’ Dours was the last bounty Jozonis’ claimed which saw the Frenchman take home $29,735.37 for his second place finish. Rounding out the podium was Shankar Pillai who took home $24,782.29 for his performance.

The second player to pick up their first GGSF title of the day was Argentinian poker player Emiliano ‘eltutuca197’ Ricchini. With $75,000 (including a $4,500 overlay) in the prize pool, Ricchini won Event #63-H ($525 Turbo) for $17,060.10, overcoming Francisco ‘VaPaCooler’ Benitez in a heads up battle. It is the second time this series that Benitez fell at the final hurdle, losing to Christian Rudolph at heads up in Event #27-H ($2,100 Bounty) just a week ago. Nevertheless, his silver medal earned him $12,793.22 with Wei Zhao getting his third GGSF top three finish for a four figure pay out of $9,593.56.

The final Friday tournament, Event #63-H ($525 Turbo), had another $75,000 in the prize pool and was also the fixture which saw the most entries. Of the 151 entries, it was ‘nvrstd’ who topped the pack and secured the final five-figure cash prize of the day. The first place finish secured the player’s inaugural GGSF win and added another $15,543.64 to their bankroll. ‘VekRex’ who came third in the GGMasters $150, $500K GTD last month, saw their silver medal translate to $8,973.51. The last third place finish of the day belonged to ‘imslowrollin’ who’s efforts saw $6,462.13 head their way.

Event #61-H ($2,100 Bounty)
Entries: 115
Prize pool: $230,000

  1. Tomas Jozonis – $45,102.09
  2. Flingue – $29,735.37
  3. Shankar Pillai – $24,782.29

Event #63-H ($525 Turbo)
Entries: 141
Prize pool: $75,000 ($4,500 overlay)

  1. Emiliano ‘eltutuca1987’ Ricchini – $17,060.10
  2. VaPaCooler – $12,793.22
  3. Wei Zhao – $9,593.56

Event #64-H ($525 Bounty Hyper 6-Max)
Entries: 151
Prize pool: $75,000

  1. nvrstd – $15,543.64
  2. VekRex – $8,973.51
  3. imslowrollin – $6,462.13