Lukas Zaskodny Wins partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event

Lukas Zaskodny added a partypoker MILLIONS title to his already impressive resume on Sunday. (partypoker photo).

Lukas Zaskodny might never leave King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. The Czech pro has already won himself a World Series of Poker bracelet and a WSOP Circuit ring there and on Sunday he added a career-best score to his resume after he took down the partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event.

Zaskodny started the final table third in chips, just behind Romain Lewis but well behind Charlie Carrel.

It took only 15 minutes for the final table to go from eight players to seven. From UTG, Carrel raised to 3,200,000 with KhKs only to have Rastislav Paleta make it 13,000,000 to go with QcQh as the next player to act. Carrel moved all in and Paleta called with his tournament life at stake. The Js7s6hJd3c runout wasn’t able to bail out Paleta and he was eliminated in eighth place while Carrel increased his chip-leading stack to nearly 90 big blinds.

The next three hours couldn’t have gone any worse for Carrel. Josef Snejberg, Roberto Romanello, and Severin Schleser each doubled up through Carrel leaving the British poker pro as the short stack. Down to just nine big blinds, Carrel moved all in from the hijack with KcQh and Snejberg called from the small blind with 9c9h. The board ran out Jh2d7sAh4h to end Carrel’s run in seventh place.

Pocket nines were responsible for the next elimination as well, this time on the other side of the winning hand. Action folded to Lewis in the cutoff and he moved all in for 45,700,000 with QhJh and Romanello called all in from the big blind with 9h9s. The KhTc8c flop more than double Lewis’ outs. The turn was the 4s but the Ah gave Lewis Broadway and ended Romanello’s run in sixth.

Zaskodny picked up his first elimination of the final table 90 minutes later. Zaskodny opened to 11,000,000 from late position with 7c7d before Sam Grafton shoved for 38,600,000 from the small blind with KcQc. Zaskodny called and then watched the dealer fan out a Qs9d7s flop to give him bottom set against Grafton’s top pair and backdoor straight draw. The 5h turn ended Grafton’s run and he exited in fifth after the Ac hit the river.

It took an hour before the next bust out happened, and once again it was Zaskodny doing the work. Zaskodny raised from the small blind with Qc4h and Severin Schleser called from the big blind with AdAs. The flop came QsTh4s to give Zaskodny two pair. The Czech bet 11,500,000 and Schleser called again. The turn was the 8h and Zaskodny fired out a bet of 25,000,000 and Schleser responded by moving all in for 57,500,000. Zaskodny called and then sweated the river card, only to see the Jc complete the board and eliminate Schleser in fourth place.

Just a few minutes later, the tournament went from three-handed to heads-up with an all-in preflop battle of the blinds. Zaskodny folded his button and Romain Lewis moved all in for 80,500,000 with Kc9h and Snejberg called from the big blind with AsJc. The Ac7h4s gave Snejberg a huge lead and while the 9s turn helped Lewis, the 5c river finished him off in third place.

Heads-up play started with Zaskodny holding 312,000,000 of the 504,000,000 chips in play. The two players agreed to a deal that guaranteed Zaskodny €806,770 and Snejberg €718,230 and left €100,000 and the title to play for. Play lasted for about an hour before Zaskodny put a bow on his first major title by eliminating Snejberg. Zaskodny moved all in with TcTh and Snejberg called off his last 98,000,000 (12 BBs) with AsTd. The Jc6c5d flop changed nothing and neither did the 5h turn or 6d river, giving Zaskodny the extra €100,000 and the victory while Snejberg was eliminated as the runner-up.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Lukas Zaskodny – €906,770*
  2. Josef Snejberg – €718,230*
  3. Romain Lewis – €428,000
  4. Severin Schleser – €300,000
  5. Sam Grafton – €220,000
  6. Roberto Romanello – €170,000
  7. Charlie Carrel – €130,000
  8. Rastislav Paleta – €100,000