Matt Smith (SamENole) Gets 2nd and 7th in DraftKings Millionaire Maker


It wasn’t the result he was hoping for, but former pro poker player and longtime PocketFiver Matt SamENoleSmith (pictured) finished second and seventh in last weekend’s $20 buy-in DraftKings Millionaire Makerdaily fantasy sports game and earned $430,000. He had already won the Millionaire Maker and was trying to become the first two-time champion.

Smith posted on Facebook when all was said and done, “Ended up getting 2nd place for $400k and 7th place for $30k after getting beat by a fellow Nole that I used to play in a poker home game with. Not the result I was hoping for, but definitely not a terrible one either. Thanks for the support everyone!”

Smith’s second place lineup, which cashed for $400,000, was paced by Seattle Seahawks backup running back Thomas Rawls, who rumbled for 43.50 points on DraftKings after starter Marshawn Lynch was declared inactive at the last minute. The late change kept Rawls’ ownership percentage down. Smith had:

QB Jameis Winston – 29.84 points
RB Giovani Bernard – 25.60 points
RB Thomas Rawls – 43.50 points
WR Mike Evans – 16.30 points
WR DeAndre Hopkins – 31.80 points
WR Terrance Williams – 17.90 points
TE Rob Gronkowski – 5.70 points
FLEX Danny Amendola – 23.70 points
DEF Denver Broncos – 7.00 points

His seventh place team, which cashed for $30,000, was as follows:

QB Jameis Winston – 29.84 points
RB Todd Gurley – 11.60 points
RB Thomas Rawls – 43.50 points
WR Mike Evans – 16.30 points
WR DeAndre Hopkins – 31.80 points
WR Brandon Marshall – 15.74 points
TE Martellus Bennett – 4.60 points
FLEX Kyle Rudolph – 25.60 points
DEF Carolina Panthers – 16.00 points

His second place lineup was full of against-the-grain, boom-or-bust plays. Rawls’ performance wasn’t too surprising given Lynch being inactive and the Seahawks facing the hapless 49ers’ defense in a game Seattle figured to be winning handedly. However, DeAndre Hopkins going head-to-head with elite shutdown corner Darrell Revis and perennial boom-or-buster Terrance Williams were both game-winners. Revis got injured during the game, while Williams scored the Cowboys’ first offensive TD.

DFS experts were largely off Todd Gurley due to Baltimore’s stout run defense, while Brandon Marshall went toe-to-toe against elite corner Jonathan Joseph and prevailed. The TE spot hurt Smith in both lineups.

Smith was leading the Millionaire Maker entering Monday night’s finale between the Patriots and Bills. noles2148, the eventual winner, had LeSean McCoy and Amendola in that game, and the former earned 24.30 points to win by 9.40 over Smith. The difference between first and second place was $600,000.

DraftKings has another $5 million Millionaire Maker on deck for Week 12 starting on Sunday. Sign up for DraftKings here.


    • buyins are only only $20 per entry.. so pretty sure he didnt lose anywhere near what he won.. beast mode! Thomatt Rawls..

    • So why do so many people have a problem with DFS, but OK with the lottery?? The lottery is 100% gambling and more of a gamble then poker or DFS.

    • Unfortunately to the people who don’t understand DFS ( the70 year old white politicians that got online poker banned) and the concept of online skill game vs lottery, they will take something like this and spin it to make the game seem like a scam…. “Matt’s an insider… look, the same person is taking your money he must be stopped”