Mature and Marketable


This week’s Podcast features an interview with the #2 ranked online tournament player in the world, Isaac “Mr. Menlo” Baron.

Our featured guest this week is far from a flashy individual. While he certainly has many traits in common with many of today’s young poker superstars (such as talent, dedication, and an ability to quickly adapt), there is quite a bit more to “Mr. Menlo” that separates him from all but the very best players.

As the game of poker continues its search for successful young online poker players who can attract and appeal to poker players of all levels, Isaac has become a hot topic among those in the industry who envision a future where people like Isaac bring new players to the game. An extremely level-headed individual, “Mr. Menlo” is not one to berate weaker players at the tables, nor is he a player who ignores greetings or questions from those who are new to the game. These qualities alone could place him at the front of the line for live sponsorship offers in the future.

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