Matveychuk ‘MatveichukR’ Roman Scores Big on 888poker In December

Russia's Matveychuk ‘MatveichukR’ Roman topped the list of winners on 888poker for December.

December offered one last chance for PocketFivers to make 2018 a memorable year with all of the action going down on 888poker. Plenty of PocketFivers had things go their way on the virtual tables, hauling in hefty scores that made for a happy holiday season.

The month’s biggest winner on 888poker was Russian crusher Matveychuk ‘MatveichukR’ Roman. The eight-time Triple Crown Award winner put in plenty of volume on 888poker during the month, cashing in 14 tournaments and taking home $32,376.

Roman, who plays on 888poker under the screen name ‘EyeOfSkadi’, scored three podium finishes in the month with his highlight cash being his runner-up finish in the December 9 edition of the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep for $14,151. He followed that up later in the month with a fourth-place finish in the December 23 edition of the $125,000 Sunday Mega Deep Bonanza for another $9,688.

‘MatveichukR’ is rapidly closing in on $5.5 million in lifetime earnings and currently sits as Russia’s #15-ranked player.

In 2018, whenever one would put together a list of top performers, Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky would likely be on it.

Here Romanovsky sits as 888poker’s #2-ranked winner for the month of December. The Ukranian added $26,250 to his more than $11 million in career cashes during the month and it all came from one stellar score. Early in the month, on December 2, Romanovsky bested the 51 runner field and took down the $1,050 Whale for the five-figure score. It was his second time taking down the same event since his victory in the XL Eclipse Main Event, which brought him a score of $187,500.

Romanovsky is on the verge of another 888poker milestone, as the #4-ranked player in the world is less than $3,000 from eclipsing $1,000,000 in earnings on 888poker alone.

Ivan ‘Hurrrrican3’ Gabrieli also has a December to remember on 888poker as turned in two podium finishes out of three tournaments to earn $25,862. That’s good for the third highest earner on the site. His spotlight score was a runner-up finish in the December 30 edition of the $1,050 Whale where he took home $13,500. Gabrieli is a former top-10 PocketFiver with over $2.6 million in lifetime earnings.

888poker Top 10 Earners of December 2018

User Name Total Won
MatveichukR $32,376.33
Romeopro $26,250.00
Hurrrrican3 $25,862.50
TheClaimeer $23,187.00
N33dCoaching $17,074.53
SvZff $15,892.93
Progre69 $14,697.50
mugggggy $14,313.52
freddeaik $13,500.00
Neeriukaas $11,027.06

When it comes to putting in max volume, some of the micro and low-stakes grinders have the edge. Russia’s ‘Neverhood007’ tops the list of players who found themselves in the money the most. He put together a month where he survived the money bubble an amazing 105 times. Mostly a small stakes player, ‘Neverhood007’ still earned $3,046 playing tournaments with a buy-in range of $1-$10.

Not that far behind the Russian is Brazil’s Felipe ‘fmocci’ Mocci who made the money 77 times in December. Mocci, another small stakes grinder, earned $1,201 for his efforts which is a large percentage of his $25,217 lifetime earnings.

Then in third place on the most cashes list for the month is the familiar name of Flavio ‘Flavio Felipe’ Costa who has appeared on this very list in previous months. In December, he spiked 71 cashes, good for just over $3,600. Of those 71 cashes, nine were podium finishes and he even scored a victory in the December 8 edition of the $1,500 Guaranteed Turbo R&A for $308.

888poker Top 10 Cashers of December 2018

User Name Cashes Total Won
Neverhood007 105 $3,046.82
fmocci 77 $1,201.34
Flavio Felipe 71 $3,600.26
ArtiTAG 64 $3,207.16
machkonti 62 $4,351.00
Bob_A7 52 $1,807.03
keribazas 48 $1,656.09
jlaku 46 $3,865.17
DoperHarley 46 $1,042.39
Cherman9 41 $2,664.20

PocketFivers often find themselves in the money and the final table of tournaments. However, no PocketFiver took down more tournaments on 888poker in December than Russia’s ’DoperHarley’. The 888poker reg took home the gold medal five times in his 46 cashes, earning $1,042 in the process.

‘Fisherman101’ also had a high percentage of sealing the deal, finishing in first four times out of his 30 total cashes in the month. He is the #1-ranked player out of Honduras and made $1,957 of his $180,000 lifetime cashes in the month.

Also tied for second on the top finishers list if the aforementioned ‘Neverhood007’ who took down four of his 105 cashes.

888poker Top 10 1st Place Finishers of December 2018

User Name First Place Cashes Total Won
DoperHarley 5 46 $1,042.39
Fisherman101 4 30 $1,957.69
Neverhood007 4 105 $3,046.82
Neeriukaas 3 31 $11,027.06
qixxe_ 3 39 $2,161.63
FENOMENICO 3 20 $1,155.79
Antonovec 3 20 $1,083.39
joey86bu 3 11 $1,451.33
machkonti 3 62 $4,351.00
Rikelmus 3 27 $1,302.64