Michael Lavin Ships WSOP Online PA Event #7 for First WSOP Bracelet

Michael Lavin took down Event #7 of the 2021 WSOP Online in Pennsylvania.

Saturday night saw longtime PocketFiver Michael Lavin became the sixth player to win a World Series of Poker Online event in the state of Pennsylvania. Lavin topped the 288-entry field in Event #7 ($600 NLHE MonsterStack) to earn his first WSOP bracelet and $39,642.

From middle position, ‘Diceluxovi‘ raised to 68,000 with AcQd before Anthony Huntsman moved all in for 446,820 from the hijack with Ad9s. ‘Diceluxovi’ called and then collected the entire pot after the 6d5d2s flop, 8s turn, and 6h river to eliminate Huntsman in ninth place.

A few moments later, a battle of the blinds turned into another elimination hand. From the cutoff, ‘pokervanman‘ raised to 78,200. Brian Cassel moved all in for 989,204 from the small blind before Robert Sembler re-shoved from the big blind for 1,154,600 with ‘pokervanman’ folding behind. Cassel turned over 9c9h but Sembler tabled KhKs. The Jc8s2s flop changed nothing for Cassel and after the Ad turn and Th river completed the board, he was eliminated in eighth.

It took 15 minutes for the next elimination to occur and it was all set up thanks to a player living up to their screenname. Joshua Berardi raised to 92,000 from the hijack with AhJs before Matt ‘RunGoodRick’ Boulden jammed for their last 738,692 from the button with JhTh and Berardi called. The clop came KhQc9d to give Boulden a queen-high straight. The 2d turn and Qs river changed nothing and Boulden collected the 1.56 million chip pot. Berardi was left decimated and a few moments later was shown the door in seventh place.

With blinds of 25,000/50,000, Lavin raised to 110,000 from late position with 8h8s. Next to act, Charles Alex-Barton moved all in for 1,192,452 with KsTs and Lavin opted to call. The QsJd5h flop gave Alex-Barton an open-ended straight draw to go with his over cards. The 3d turn changed nothing and the 7s river only sealed Alex-Barton’s fate as the sixth place finisher.

Boulden continued to run good and eight minutes later took out another opponent. From the button, Boulden opened to 120,000 and Greg Wish chose to defend his big blind. After the KdJh7h flop, Boulden check-called Wish’s 198,000 bet. The turn was the Qs and both players checked. The 4c river completed the board and Boulden moved all in. Wish called off his last 974,278 and tabled Ks8c but found out he was out-pipped when Boulden showed KhTs. Wish was out in fifth.

The next bustout came 10 minutes later. Sembler opened for 184,000 from the cutoff before ‘Diceluxovi’ moved all in on the button for 874,127. Lavin called from the big blind while Sembler clicked the fold button. ‘Diceluxovi’ turned over AhTs and discovered he needed help after Lavin showed KcKh. The AsJd2h flop brought that help but the Ks turn gave Lavin a set and left ‘Diceluxovi’ needing a queen to stay alive. The 7s river was no help and ‘Diceluxovi’ was eliminated in fourth place.

Three-handed play lasted more than 35 minutes before Boulden ended the night for another one of his opponents and sent the tournament to heads up. Boulden raised from the button to 240,000 with 8c8s. Lavin folded the small blind but Sembler jammed from the big blind for 2,023,450 with AdTh. Boulden called and then moved into a dominating position after the Qd8d5s flop. While the Ah turn gave Sembler a pair, it actually left him drawing dead and he was out in third after the 4s river filled the board.

Boulden held 63% of the chips in play when the one-on-one battle with Lavin began but through 20 minutes of action, the script was flipped until Lavin was in a dominating position heading into the final hand. Lavin raised to 320,000 from the button with KhQd and Boulden moved all in with 9h9s. Lavin called. The Qc8d3c gave Lavin top pair. Boulden could only watch as the 2s turn and 4h river completed the board to end his run with a runner-up finish while Lavin won the bracelet and nearly $40,000.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Michael ‘TonyBandanas’ Lavin – $39,642
  2. Matthew ‘RunGoodRick’ Boulden – $24,494
  3. Robert ‘Badbeat1512’ Sembler – $16,843
  4. ‘Diceluxovi’ – $11,804
  5. Greg ‘Donostia’ Wish – $8,445
  6. Charles ‘pokervanman’ Alex-Barton – $6,252
  7. Joshua ‘ClearEyes’ Berardi – $4,681
  8. Brian ‘BigTIme2021’ Cassel – $3,499
  9. Anthony ‘Ler0yBr0wn’ Huntsman – $2,722