Mikita Badziakouski Banks $1.1M, GGPoker Spring Festival Title

Mikita Badziakouski added another illion dollar score on Monday in the GGPoker Spring Festival. (PokerGO photo)

Belarusian poker superstar Mikita Badziakouski is no stranger to million dollar paydays. On Tuesday, Badziakouski added another one after taking down a GGPoker Spring Festival for a $1.1 million score against some of the top high roller regulars in the world.

Over the course of two days, Badziakouski topped the 208-entry field in Event #75-H ($25,500 Sunday Five Million) to win $1,105,678.72. Just five days after picking up $339,484.21 for winning Event #58-H ($10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty), ‘CrossfireX‘ added $829,142.29 to their bankroll for finishing one spot behind Badziakouski. Third place finisher ‘Nator‘ ended up earning $621,768.89.

The top bounty hunter in Event #77-H ($525 Bounty Hunters HR SE) was ‘PUYA‘ and that earned them $51,978.68. Their last victim was ‘minipro‘ and that player had to settle for $20,752.80 while Simon Lofberg actually picked up a slightly bigger score, banking $24,921.77 as the third place finisher.

Finland’s Samuli Sipila took down Event #78-H ($2,100 PLO-NL Bounty) by beating former #1-ranked Andras Nemeth. Sipila earned $62,192.88 along with the title while Nemeth walked away with $38,916.14 for his efforts. Third place finisher ‘schmalimero93‘ earned $19,247.75.

The last of the High level buy-in events to play down to a winner on Monday was Event #80-H ($525 6-Max). ‘DameDolla‘ navigated through the 635-entry field to take the title and a $44,171.48 score. Runner-up ‘Moist‘ earned just a little bit more, banking $45,301.17 while ‘PUYA’ earned their second podium finish of the night and won $45,301.17

Event #75-H ($25,500 Sunday Five Million [2-Day Event])
Entries: 208
Prize pool: $5,200,000

  1. Mikita Badziakouski – $1,105,678.72
  2. CrossfireX – $829,142.29
  3. Nator – $621,768.89

Event #77-H ($525 Bounty Hunters HR SE)
Entries: 875
Prize pool: $437,500

  1. PUYA – $51,978.68
  2. minipro – $20,752.80
  3. Simon Lofberg – $24,921.77

Event #78-H ($2,100 PLO-NL Bounty)
Entries: 134
Prize pool: $268,000

  1. Samuli Sipila – $62,192.88
  2. Andras Nemeth – $38,916.14
  3. schmalimero93 – $19,247.75

Event #80-H ($525 6-Max)
Entries: 635
Prize pool: $317,500

  1. DameDolla – $44,171.48
  2. Moist – $45,301.17
  3. PUYA – $27,714.94