MILESTONES: Oscar Serradell Smashes Through the $5M Ceiling


Every week The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings

Serradell Achieves $5,000,000 Mark

Oscar ‘MendaLerenda’ Serradell reached rare company when he climbed to $5,000,000 in recorded online earnings. Serradell climbed to #2 overall in the PocketFives Rankings in 2016 and is currently #25. Serradell finished second in WCOOP Event #26 (Sunday Warmup $1,000,000 guaranteed H) for $158,521 on September 10, helping to push him over the $5 million mark.

Players Reach Career-High Rankings In the Top-50

The top-50 places in the PocketFives rankings are always reserved for excellence and there are multiple players who have breached that status point in the last few weeks. Also, within the top-50, players are climbing to their highest career point overall.

Laszlo ‘omaha4rollz’ Bujtas is up to #15 after coming into WCOOP ranked #29. Bujtas placed second in WCOOP Event #51 (PLO 6-Max High Roller $500,000 guaranteed L) and added 503.32 points as a result.

A few other players moving up in the top-50 are:

Lorenzo Bazei from 59 to 50
Apotheosis from 27 to 19
nilsef from 20 to 16
PaDiLhA SP from 37 to 34

Multi-Millionaires Increasing

Earning a million dollars in tournaments earnings is hard enough to do once and doing it all over again is impressive. A few PocketFives members earned their second million in the last two weeks and another used reached their third.

Diego ‘Die Ventura’ Ventura made it to that point thanks to a busy September. Currently, Ventura is the #3 ranked player in Peru.

Players who reached $2,000,000 in recent weeks are:

  • Creature
  • Gardze_wami
  • Xading