MILESTONES: Ramiro ‘rayastar’ Petrone Hits New Career-High Ranking

Each week members of the community hit career highs in money earned and positions in the Worldwide Top 100.
Each week members of the community hit career highs in money earned and positions in the Worldwide Top 100.

Two More Join The $1 Million Club

They say the first million dollars you earn is the hardest million dollars to make. Well, a pair of PocketFivers did accomplished that difficult feat by climbing up over the $1 million lifetime earnings mark this week.

Brazil’s Rodrigo ‘ZidAAne’ Caprioli crossed the million dollar milestone when he finished in 14th place in the PokerStars Omania High Roller for $2,014. Caprioli has been off to a  fast start in 2018,  helping him get close to his million dollar goal was a heater that included three four-figure scores as well as a runner-up finish in a PokerStars $500 Pot Limit Omaha event for $12,652.

Following Caprioli across the threshold is Dejan ‘dejanaceking’ Divkovic from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina where Divkovic is currently the #6-ranked online player. Divkovic has put in light volume since the beginning of the year, but his 127th place finish in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up, only his ninth tournament of the year, was just enough to squeak into the Million Dollar Club. In that tournament, he took home $504 which was enough to put him $168 over $1 million.

Halfway There

A handful of grinders are halfway to the plateau achieved by Caprioli and Divkovic, achieving the first of the major milestones: $500,000 in lifetime earnings.

Brazil’s Daniel ‘fauzika1’ Camel, Russia’s Denis ‘DENGER’ Kuznetsov and ‘mexal89’, ’Dreiven’ from Poland and Hungary’s ‘lambika90’ all found ways to creep across the half-million milestone.

Argentina’s ‘rayastar’ Continues His Rankings Climb

One of the largest moves made in the Worldwide Rankings this week is from Argentina upstart Ramiro ‘rayastar’ Petrone. Currently the #1 online poker player in his home country, Petrone reached a new career-high ranking this week when he jumped five spots to #13 in the world. He reached his new rank through a trio of qualifying PLB cashes, two victories and a runner-up, which, in total added over $27,000 to his bankroll and put him in position to make a possible push into the elite territory of the top 10.

Along with Petrone, three other PocketFivers reached career-high rankings this week.

Career High Rankings In The Top 100