Mindset Coach Elliot Roe Focusing on Volume Play in Newest Video


Elliot Roe is one of poker’s most sought after mindset coaches

Volume is an area most players struggle with. Whether it’s not playing enough to achieve your goals or playing so much that you inevitably burn out, finding that perfect balance is very difficult.

Elliot Roe just opened enrollment in a free three-part mini-class that looks to solve that exact problem. The title of the class is “The Truth About Poker Volume” and registration is available for just the next few days.

Roe is known as one of the top Mindset Coaches in poker and has worked with many elite MTT players, including former #1-ranked Fedor Holz, Jonathan ‘apestyles; Van Fleet, and ‘€urop€an‘ on improving their performance on the tables.

Optimizing volume is about so much more than how many hours you play; it’s also about how well you perform in the hours you do play.

This is something that’s especially true for MTT players where your most important hours come deep into your sessions, a topic that Roe covers in the second video of the series.

Here’s what will be covered in this three-part class:

  • Why volume is key to long-term success in poker and why it’s more important today than ever before
  • How to optimize your volume without adding any hours
  • How to be a high volume player and still live a happy life

Enrollment in the class is free, all you have to do is click the link below and sign up. You’ll immediately get video 1 with videos 2 and 3 being delivered over the next few days.

Click here to enroll in Roe’s free three-part mini class “The Truth About Poker Volume.”