moorman1 Wins 11th Triple Crown


It’s difficult enough to win one Triple Crown. However, if you’re DoylesRoomBrunson 10 member Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured), then winning the award is just another day at the office. On Tuesday, Moorman captured his 11th Triple Crown, the most ever recorded by a member of the online poker community, and pulled in nearly $50,000 in real money. The Brit sat down with to recap his most recent claim to fame and preview the 2011 Aussie Millions.

On Tuesday, word of Moorman’s 11th Triple Crown spread like wildfire after being announced in a thread in Poker Discussion. On January 11th, the former #1 player took down the $50,000 Guaranteefor $15,000 and the first leg of his Triple Crown. Then, on January 18th, seven days after his quest began, Moorman came away with wins in the PokerStars $50 Rebuyand Full Tilt $60,000 Guaranteefor a combined haul of $32,000. In between, he took down the Full Tilt $50 Cubed for good measure and another $8,400 in prize money.

Moorman relished his latest achievement, telling, “It’s been a long time since I won my last one and so it was a bit of a shock that I actually managed to close it out on the last possible day this time.” Of particular difficulty was the PokerStars $50 Rebuy, whose final three players included #1 ranked pro Jordan Jymaster0011 Young (pictured).

“I had to deal with Jymaster0011 at my table, who was playing as absurd as ever, and also had to come back from a 3:1 deficit heads-up,” Moorman said about the PokerStars tournament. “Throw into the equation that it was on PokerStars and I have been on such a bad run there lately and the odds seemed really stacked against me.” Moorman pulled ahead of World Series of Poker bracelet winner Peter Belabacsi Traply (pictured), who owns 10 Triple Crowns.

On Traply’s game, Moorman assessed, “He’s ridiculously good. Being a fellow Euro, I know his game pretty well. We’ve had many battles in the past, but he owns me normally. We are both really aggressive, so when we end up on the same table, one of us will normally end up with all of the chips. Hopefully, next time it’s me.” Traply owns the sixth largest Triple Crown score ever at 1,245 PLB Points; Moorman has the 10th largest at 1,060.

Moorman is 15th in the Rankings and could soon make a run at the #1 spot once again. “If I can win something big on a Sunday, I’ll try to make a run at it again,” Moorman vowed. “I’m back enjoying poker and enjoying the challenge of the ever-changing game. I wasn’t enjoying it that much and was getting too frustrated when I lost, so I definitely didn’t play my A-game for a while last year. I couldn’t seem to put together two good sessions in a row, but obviously it was something deeper down. I was kind of burnt out from playing so much over the years and just needed to cut my volume for a while and regroup; I came back a stronger player for it.”

He admitted that he often chats it up with fellow DoylesRoom Brunson 10 members Steve gboro780Gross and Alex AJKHoosier1Kamberis, who combine for four Triple Crowns and two Monthly PLB titles.

We caught up with him one day before he was set to travel to Melbourne for the 2011 Aussie Millions, which originates from the Crown Casino. The Aussie Millions Main Event begins on Sunday, January 23rd with the first of three starting days. “I will get there a bit late for most of the side events, but it should be great when we finally get there,” Moorman joked when asked what his travel plans were. “I think it works out as six different stops from the Bahamas since we booked it at the very last minute.” Last year, GSN provided Aussie Millions coverage in the United States.

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