moorman1 Wins Third Triple Crown This Month, 18th Overall

Published on Oct 22nd, 2013

Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured) did it again. He has racked up not one, not two, but three PocketFives Online Poker Triple Crowns in October alone, raising his total to a record-setting 18. The question is: will we be writing about a fourth Triple Crown before Halloween?

On October 13, Moorman hit it big, winning the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl for $48,000 and 493 PLB Points. Plus, the Sunday Major marked the last leg of his 17th Triple Crown. He defeated over 800 opponents in the Brawl, leading the way as PocketFivers claimed 42% of the cashing positions and 53% of the prize pool of nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Also on October 13, he started his 18th Triple Crown run by taking down the Full Tilt Poker T-Rex for $28,000 and 351 PLB Points. The $150 buy-in tournament attracted a field of 554 runners and six out of its top seven finishers were members of PocketFives. Accordingly, the community laid claim to 79% of the prize pool.

On the same day, Moorman stormed through the field of the bwin $100 Cubed, which carried a $60,000 guarantee. Moorman's win was worth $13,000 and another 244 PLB Points. That tournament fell short of its guarantee and PocketFivers received nearly 40% of the prize money up for grabs. Moorman was one of five members of the top 100 in our Rankings to survive the money bubble. The win also meant that he nearly won two Triple Crowns on the same day.

Six days later, Moorman's 18th Triple Crown quest was over. The heroics happened on PokerStars, the world's largest online poker site, where he took down a $55 No Limit Hold'em tournament for $2,800 and 120 PLB Points. That event sported a prize pool of $14,500 and attracted a field of nearly 300 entrants. PocketFivers finished in nearly two-thirds of the in the money positions.

He Tweeted in victory, "Good start to the weekend grind... I just shipped my 18th Triple Crown #ezgame."

Moorman is the sole PocketFives member with more than $10 million in tracked online MTT scores and is a full $3.3 million ahead of the next closest player. He is lapping the field in Triple Crowns won with 18, a full seven more than the next closest person. The talented Brit is #2 in the PocketFives Rankings and could ascend to the #1 spot this week when the leaderboard is recalculated on Wednesday.

Congrats to Moorman on his 18th online poker Triple Crown, his third award this month.

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  1. He must be able to see other peoples cards.. Right?

  2. Sure could seem like it

  3. The Sick Triple Triple! Still has time to get another this month.

  4. Inspiring!

  5. Look him up online to see where he ranks, he's the dot that's on your ceiling!!! whats up with that? Is he just a smoking bad ass poker master, as I hope, or is he one of the few who the random varience gods doth shine upon...just amazing this guy

    watching the wsop recaps, love the mortensen too...

  6. This is just obscene. Wow! Big congrats.

  7. Like watching Tiger Woods in his prime and Moorman may not have even hit his prime yet

    Originally Posted by flopman25 View Post

    This is just obscene. Wow! Big congrats.

    Yup! a serious champ

  9. This is getting boring! :) *translation for yanks* Bloody amazing. :)

  10. Unreal!

  11. and the new #1 is.....

  12. half man......half amazingly insanely talented and a beast!!!!I just want to get 1 triple

    Originally Posted by BenFaz View Post

    He must be able to see other peoples cards.. Right?

    Im thinking the same thing.Is this even possible for someone to run this good?

    Originally Posted by BenFaz View Post

    He must be able to see other peoples cards.. Right?

    yes he shud be send to US...No online poker scope of triple crowns

  15. Congrats, nice duds

  16. morman is like michael jordan in his commercial:

    "maybe its my fault, maybe i let you to believe it was easy when it wasnt ...

    ... maybe i destroy the game or maybe you just make an excuses"

    gg morman i wanna be like you so successful and working hard

    i kept my first post for a good topic

    Edited By: DomBusiness Oct 23rd, 2013 at 09:24 AM
  17. BOSS that is all

  18. Just sick! Congrats Moorman, keep it up! You are a real inspiration to all poker players!

  19. I heard he plays chess with his left hand and poker with his right simultaneously.

    Originally Posted by Hunter Clark View Post

    I heard he plays chess with his left hand and poker with his right simultaneously.


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