‘NeolithicFarmer’, ‘CleggsOnGG’ and ‘Gyea08’ Dominate PACOOP Stats

The first-ever Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker had a number of outstanding performances.

The inaugural Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker may have helped establish PokerStars in Pennsylvania, but thanks to strong consistent results over the course of the 50-tournament schedule, it also helped establish some newfound poker stars in Pennsylvania.

‘NeolithicFarmer’ Dominates PACOOP PLB Leaderboard

While PocketFives isn’t yet able to track all PokerStars PA results, we were able to put together a PACOOP Leaderboard based on the PocketFives Rankings Formula. The name at the top of the leaderboard will not be a surprise to anybody that followed the daily PACOOP recaps on PocketFives.com.

NeolithicFarmer‘ cashed 17 times, including wins in Event #25 ($100 Pot Limit Omaha) and Event #30 ($300 No Limit Hold’em Four Max), to pick up 958.78 PLB points and top the leaderboard by a wide margin.

The next biggest total was nearly 100 points behind. ‘fubadbeatbob‘ also had two wins, Event #15 ($750 High Roller) and Event #50 ($100 Six Max No Limit Hold’em Deep Hyper-Turbo), to finish with 860.04 PLB points. Third place went to ‘CleggsOnGG‘, who managed to accumulate 805.09 points despite never picking up a victory.


1 NeolithicFarmer 958.78
2 fubadbeatbob 860.04
3 CleggsOnGG 805.09
4 mcmullend17 714.29
5 AllinWithAJoff 705.01
6 luap215 702.11
7 wolfofbrdst 643.28
8 Allin1out 597.36
9 A Frequent ? 582.37
10 MrMonkeyJones 566.47


Main Event Champ Headlines PACOOP Earnings List

It should come as no surprise to anybody that the winner of the Main Event topped the PACOOP earnings flist. ‘Gyea08’ took down the 640-played, $300 buy-in Main Event for $31,335.64 – the single highest cash in PokerStars PA history. That cash alone was enough  to put them on top of the PACOOP earnings list, but they also managed to cash two other times in earlier events to bring their total winnings to $32,042.64. No other player even came close to cracking the $30,000 mark.

It’s also not a surprise to see ‘NeolithicFarmer‘ near the top of this list. Their $26,577.02 in winnings was the second-highest total for any player in the Keystone State. An impressive $10,228.10 came from their two victories.

Right behind ‘NeolithicFarmer’ was another two-time champ. ‘fubadbeatbob‘ picked up $13,334.40 from their win in Event #15 ($750 Six Max High Roller) and then added an additional $11,935.10 from a dozen other cashes, including a victory in Event #50 ($100 Six Max No Limit Hold’em Deep Hyper-Turbo).

Just 30 players managed to cash for at least $10,000 over the 50-event series and only six of them reached the $20,000 mark.


1 Gyea08 $32,042.64
2 NeolithicFarmer $26,577.02
3 fubadbeatbob $25,269.50
4 Clementine101 $24,183.87
5 lilholdem952 $23,652.64
6 king12929 $20,465.69
7 CleggsOnGG $19,586.24
8 luap215 $17,700.40
9 MrMonkeyJones $17,683.54
10 soccerdad29 $17,163.26


‘CleggsOnGG’ Leads List of PACOOP Cashers

Nobody finished in-the-money more often than ‘CleggsOnGG‘. Picking up 18 cashes over the course of the series, ‘CleggsOnGG’ beat ‘NeolithicFarmer’ by just a single cash. Those 18 cashes earned the online poker player $19,586.24.

Coming in third on the total cashes leaderboard was ‘mcmullend17‘ with 15. ‘Allin1out’ had 14 and then four players tied for the #5 spot with 13 in-the-money finishes.


1 CleggsOnGG 18
2 NeolithicFarmer 17
3 mcmullend17 15
4 Allin1out 14
5 fubadbeatbob 13
5 AllinWithAJoff 13
5 22EPL 13
9 RiverMeDaddy 12
10 luap215 11
10 wolfofbrdst 11
10 LemonCake122 11


PACOOP Odds & Ends

Five players were able to win two tournaments each. Joining ‘NeolithicFarmer’ and ‘fubadbeatbob’ in the two-time champion club were ‘HeavyLizard‘ (Events #3 and #13), ‘wolfofbrdst‘ (Event #13 and #33) and ‘RevoltingBlob12‘, who had the rare feat of winning back to events (Events #36 and #37).

Two players put together streaks over cashing in four consecutive events. ‘KnightsofNight‘ did it events #43 thru #46. They narrowly missed out on six straight cashes, having found the money in Event #41 before finishing just 11 spots out of the money in Event #42. ‘EPL22’ also had a four cash streak after finishing in-the-money in events #12 – #15.

There were 16 players who had streaks of three.