NetBet’s Twister to Go Features Jackpots Up to €50,000


NetBet is launching a new promotion called Twister to Go

Online casino site NetBet is ramping up its lottery-style game Twister Poker with a special promotion called Twister to Go. Jackpots up to €50,000 are available, which means a select few will hit it big. Twister to Go starts on July 4 and runs until July 17.

Twister Poker to Go is available within the NetBet Poker Mission System and it’s available to players who see it listed as a current mission in the NetBet Poker app only. Players who complete a mission of playing a Twister Poker game will automatically get a bonus of a €1 Twister Poker token. Your token is good for one week following the date it was issued. Think of it as an added bonus just for playing Twister Poker.

The whole point of the Twister to Go promotion is to celebrate the addition of two new Twister Poker buy-in levels: €20 and €50. Now, you’ll find Twister games with buy-ins of €1, €2, €5, and €10, €20, and €50.

The game works like other lottery-style games you’ll find. Twister Poker is a three-man, winner-take-all turbo. At the beginning of each game, a virtual wheel, just like the one you’ll find on the television show “Wheel of Fortune,” randomly decides the amount of the jackpot, which will be between 2 and 1,000 times the value of the buy-in.

Therefore, for a €50 entry, you could win up to €50,000, or 1,000 times your buy-in. Here are the maximum amounts you can receive at each Twister Poker buy-in level:

  • €1 buy-in: Win up to €1,000
  • €2 buy-in: Win up to €2,000
  • €5 buy-in: Win up to €5,000
  • €10 buy-in: Win up to €10,000
  • €20 buy-in: Win up to €20,000
  • €50 buy-in: Win up to €50,000

If you want to fire up some Twister Poker on NetBet, all you need to do is log in and locate the Twister Poker icon in the top left lobby menu. Click on the word “Twister” and then select your buy-in and the number of games you want to play. You can register for six Twister Poker games of a single buy-in at a time. There’s an option in the same spot to buy in with cash or with tokens.

The odds of hitting each Twister Poker jackpot are as follows:

  • 1,000x: 1 in 20,000
  • 200x: 1 in 20,000
  • 100x: 2 in 20,000
  • 50x: 20 in 20,000
  • 20x: 20 in 20,000
  • 10x: 160 in 20,000
  • 6x: 1,600 in 20,000
  • 4x: 3,025 in 20,000
  • 2x: 15,186 in 20,000

You can play Twister Poker directly on your mobile device, so you can play while on the go or lounging on your couch. In fact, NetBet prides itself on its mobile app, so try it out if you’re not near a computer.

NetBet is an iPoker Network site along with other rooms like Titan Poker, Everest Poker, and William Hill. As such, at NetBet, you’ll get access to all that the iPoker Network has to offer, including a 200% first-time deposit bonus up to €1,500.

Check out NetBet for full details.