Nick Petrangelo Wins WPT Online 6-Max Championship For $494K

Nick Petrangelo took down the WPT Online 6-Max Championship for over $494,000 and a $15,000 Tournament of Champions.

American high-stakes tournament pro Nick Petrangelo turned in a stellar performance at the final table of the World Poker Tour Online 6-Max Championship to capture his first WPT title and the $494,550 first-place prize.

Even though the tournament was 6-Max, there were seven players left when the final day got underway. Final table chip leader Artisom Prostak wasted little time in thinning the field when roughly fifteen minutes into the start of the day he cracked the pocket kings of Jake Schindler, sending him home in seventh place for $70,200.

The UK’s Elior Sion started the final table second in chips. However, after a series of pre-flop clashes where he found himself holding a dominated pocket pair, Sion quickly found himself on the short stack. It wasn’t long before he made a move and shipped his final six big blinds under the gun and was quickly called by Jiachen Gong on the button holding JhJd. The flop Js2cKs flop had Sion looking for running cards to overtake Gong’s set. The Qh could have been one of those cards, but the 5c closed the door and Sion fell in sixth place $93,630.

Things were looking up for Gong who started the day extremely short and found a number of double-ups and, after eliminating, Sion, has amassed nearly 20 big blinds. But that all came to a sudden halt on the very next hand. From the cutoff, Gong put in a raise holding AhAd only to be three-bet by Petrangelo on the button with his JdTd. Folded back to Gong he moved all-in and Petrangelo made the call. Gong was at risk, but well ahead until the 7hJcJh flop arrived. It was all over when the Js hit the turn and Petrangelo made quads. The 7c river was inconsequential and Gong’s promising start ended in fifth place $128,100.

The UK’s Patrice Brandt was the next to exit. After losing a big hand which would have eliminated Russia’s Arsenii Karmatckii, Brandt was the new short stack. Prostak put in a raise from the button holding 8d8c and Brandt defended his big blind with Ah5d. Brandt check over the Ad6cJh flop and Prostak put out a small bet, which Brandt called with top pair. Everything changed when the 8h fell on the turn. Brandt checked again, Prostak, now with a set, put in a bet. Brandt tanked and eventually check-shipped his remaining stack drawing dead, which Prostak snapped off. The river was the Tc and Brandt fell in fourth place for $192,900.

Prostak, who had lost the chip lead to Petrangelo, surged back into the lead. That lead grew larger when he collided with Karmatckii. In a three-handed blind versus blind confrontation, Karmatckii raised his KcAh from the small blind and Prostak shipped his larger stack holding JdJc. Karmatcki quickly made the call was flipping for his tournament life. The board ran out 7d5s6s9d5c giving Prostak the hand and sending the Russian out in third place for $278,448, just days after he finished as the runner-up in a World Series of Poker event.

At the start of heads-up play, Prostak had a 3-1 chip lead and all the momentum on his side. However, Petrangelo who was sitting on just 20 big blinds for the better part of the first 30 minutes, held steady until the first break. After that, he picked up some key pots including a big-time bluff while never being all-in and at risk. Momentum had shifted to Petrangelo as he evened out the chip stacks after nearly an hour and a half into the heads-up battle.

Prostak’s stack dwindled down to ten big blinds but he battled back from the short stack for and retook the chip lead one final time. But in the end, it was Petrangelo’s day. He regained the lead just before the pair played the biggest hand of the entire tournament.

Prostak raised the button with AcQs and Petrangelo made the call holding KcTc. The flop came Th2sTs and Petrangelo checked his flopped trips over to Prostak who put out a small. Petrangelo put in a check-raise and Prostak opted to make the call. The turn came 5s giving Prostak some flush outs. Again Petrangelo put out a hefty bet, which Prostak again called. When the Ah hit the river, Petrangelo shipped and having made top pair, Prostak made the call which ended his tournament as the runner-up. Prostak turned a $320 satellite win into a $368,250 payday.

Nick Petrangelo takes home $494,550 plus a $15,000 ticket to the WPT Tournament of Champions. Additionally, as the newest member of the WPT Champions Club, he will have his name engraved on the Mike Sexton Champions Cup.

Final Table Results

  1. Nick Petrangelo – $494,550
  2. Artisom Prostak – $368,250
  3. Arsenii Karmatckii – $278,448
  4. Patrice Brandt – $192.900
  5. Jiachen Gong – $128,100
  6. Elior Sion – $93,630
  7. Jake Schindler – $70,200