Nick Schulman Wins Poker Masters $50,000 Event #1 for $918K


Nick Schulman won 8,000 for winning the first ,000 buy-in Poker Masters event (PokerCentral photo)

When PokerGO announced the Poker Masters series as part of the live streaming schedule, many people hoped that Nick Schulman would be one of the voices in the booth, calling the action. Schulman had other ideas.

Schulman beat out a final table that included four of the German pros that have dominated high roller tournaments over the past few years, to win $918,000.

The Germans made their presence felt just after the final table began on Monday afternoon. Stefan Schillhabel picked up an early double through Adrian Mateos before Dominik Nitsche eliminated the Spaniard.

Down to just nine big blinds, Mateos moved all in for his last 360,000 from the hijack before Nitsche reshoved from the small blind. Mateos turned over QdJs while Nitsche showed 6d6s. The JdTc4c flop put Mateos ahead, but the 6h turn gave Nitsche a set and Mateos was eliminated in seventh after the meaningless Td river.

Just a few minutes later the first German-on-German bustout sent Koray Aldemir out. Nitsche raised to 80,000, Steffen Sontheimer called from the small blind but Aldemir raised all in for 630,000 from the big blind. Nitsche folded but Sontheimer took some time before calling. Aldemir showed 9s8s and found he was at least drawing live after Sontheimer showed QsTs. The KsJh8c put Aldemir in front, the turn was the 4d but the Ah turn gave Sontheimer an ace-high straight and eliminated Aldemier in sixth.

About an hour later Sontheimer eliminated another German. Nitsche moved all in for 560,000 from the button before Sontheimer also moved all in over the top for over 1,530,000. Schillhabel folded the big blind. Nitsche turned over 6d5d while Sontheimer showed As3s. The board ran out AhKsJc9cQh to end Nitsche’s run in fifth place.

Sontheimer took over the chip lead on that hand, only to surrender it to Schulman just a few minutes later. With the board showing Ad7d5d4c8d and a pot of 1,140,000, Schulman checked to Sontheimer who moved all in. Schulman used one of his time extensions before eventually calling. Sontheimer turned over AsJs and Schulman showed Td7h for a rivered flush for a full double.

Schulman eliminated Sontheimer just 30 minutes later.

A cooler on the next hand sent Schulman to heads up with the chip lead. Schulman raised to 120,000, Schillhabel re-raised to 395,000. Schulman moved all in and Schillhabel called. Schulman showed KcKh which put him ahead of Schillhabel’s QhQs. The board ran out with no help for Schillabel and he was out in third place.

Schulman had Matt Hyman outchipped nearly 2-1 when heads up play began. The two played heads up for over 2.5 hours with each player taking multiple turns as the chip leader before Schulman put the finishing touches on a dominating final table performance.

Hyman raised to 310,000, Schulman moved all in and Hyman called with his tournament life on the line. Schulman had AsKh and had Hyman’s Ad8d dominated. The Qs7d5d flop gave Hyman the nut flush draw but neither the 5s turn or Ac river were any help for Hyman and Schulman picked up a third straight elimination to take down the Poker Masters opening event.

This win was Schulman’s second high roller win in the last five weeks. Schulman won the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $50,000 event on August 8.

The Poker Masters continues on PokerGO until September 20.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Nick Schulman – $918,000
  2. Matt Hyman – $561,000
  3. Stefan Schillhabel – $306,000
  4. Steffen Sontheimer – $204,000
  5. Dominik Nitsche – $178,500
  6. Koray Aldemir – $153,000
  7. Adrian Mateos – $127,500