Niklas Astedt Wins Second GGPoker Spring Festival Event in Two Days

Niklas Astedt has now won two GGPoker Spring Festival titles in the past 48 hours.

Anybody who has closely followed the PocketFives Rankings over the past few years knows all about Niklas Astedt and just how dominant he can be. He’s spent 97 total weeks as the #1-ranked player in the world and many consider him the favorite to win the #1 Number One contest.

On Wednesday, Astedt took down a GGPoker Spring Festival event for the second time in two days. On Tuesday, he won Event #14-H ($1,050 PLO-NL Bounty) for a $39,974.81. One day later, he kept the bounty hunter them going by winning Event #19-H ($2,100 Bounty Six Max) for $98,807.91. His final victim, ‘pawwowbam‘ earned $56,279.54 for finishing as the runner-up while George Kitsios collected $41,115.10 as the third place finisher.

Marcelo Asensio managed to deny Konstantin Maslak from picking up his second win of the Series. Asensio topped the 140-entry field in Event #18-H ($1,050 PLO-NL) for a $35,099.81 score. Maslak, who won Event #3-High ($5,250 Bounty Hunters Main Event) for $229,531.42, earlier in the week, took second here for $25,377.81. The last spot on the podium went to ‘BreakMySoul‘ for $18,348.66.

The last High level buy-in event of the day was Event #21-H ($525 bounty) and it was also the biggest of the group in terms of field size. ‘EzzzGame‘ proved their screenname to be accurate by winning it all for $46,041.86. Coming in one spot short of the victory, ‘Ameliorer‘ had to settle for a $30,332.90 score while Sebastian Toro came in third place for $19,018.22.

Other players who earned GGSF titles on Wednesday included ‘Goku SSJ’ (Event #19-M), ‘zaguinha’ (Event #20-M), Djprunz14′ (Event #21-M), ‘KepsNuts’ (Event #17-L), ‘Doah1414’ (Event #18-L), ‘kramperEd’ (Event #19-L), ‘ale1’ (Event #20-L), and ‘Uksy89’ (Event #21-L).

Event #18-H ($1,050 PLO-NL)
Entries: 140
Prize pool: $140,000

  1. Marcelo Asensio – $35,099.81
  2. K Maslak – $25,377.81
  3. BreakMySoul – $18,348.66

Event #19-H ($2,100 Bounty [6-Max])
Entries: 298
Prize pool: $596,000

  1. Niklas Astedt – $98,807.81
  2. pawwowbam – $56,279.54
  3. George Kitsios – $41,115.10

Event #21-H ($525 Bounty)
Entries: 810
Prize pool: $405,000

  1. EzzzGame – $46,041.86
  2. Ameliorer – $30,332.90
  3. Sebastian Toro – $19,018.22