NJCOOP: Moneymaker Does It Again, Takes The Title In 8-Game Mix

Chris Moneymaker has done it again. On Thursday he won his second PokerStars NJCOOP title in as many days.

Chris ‘Money800NJ’ Moneymaker has done it again. The PokerStars ambassador has won yet another title during the third annual New Jersey Championship of Online Poker.

Just one day after winning Event #14 ($100 NLHE Progressive KO) the man behind the “poker boom” was at it again. Moneymaker registered all three NJCOOP tournaments that took place on Thursday and made the final table of two of them – winning one outright.

In Event #16 ($300 Eight Game Six Max) Moneymaker found himself heads-up with one of New Jersey’s hottest players, Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo. DiZenzo had been crushing NJCOOP tournaments, having made the final table three times in the previous three days.

On Wednesday, when Moneymaker won his first NJCOOP title, DiZenzo did as well. When the two went head to head though, it was the WSOP Main Event Champion that came out on top. Moneymaker bested the 66 player field and won $5,544 for his effort. DiZenzo added another top-three NJCOOP finished to his 2018 resume and earned $3,696.00. It was the second day in a row that Moneymaker has won the largest cash prize of the day.

Joining the pair at the final table was Brian ‘Wsopboy1997’ Sherrier who finished in fourth place for $1,386 for his sixth cash of the series.

Moneymaker wasn’t quite done for the evening. In Event #17 ($50+R NLHE) he fought his way to another final table. In the early morning hours on the East Coast, the final five players battled it out but Moneymaker couldn’t make it a double victory day. He fell in fourth place for $1,678.95.

When the tournament got heads-up the final two players, ‘IllbILLYmAC’ and Ryan ‘hagz2richez’ Hagerty agreed on a chop. There was $450 left to play for and it was Hagerty that came from behind to pull out the win, adding $3,768.96 to his bankroll and the NJCOOP title to his accomplishments. Although he took a larger sum in the chop, ‘IllbILLYmAC’ settled for second place and $3,506.55.

PocketFiver Jason ‘jayriv’ Rivkin felted ‘SaucyPaws’ in heads-up play in order to take the title in Event #18 ($100 NLHE Turbo). The late tournament brought in 153 runners and posted a prize pool of $14,045.40. Rivkin took home the lions share with his $2,911.46 first place score. It was his second NJCOOP cash of the day as he finished in ninth place in Event #16 for $739.20.

‘SaucyPaws’ battled back to even the chip counts after being at a huge deficit, but eventually ran his top pair into Rivkin’s two pair for the final hand of the tournament. ‘SaucyPaws’ settles for $2,218.79

A pair of PocketFivers joined Rivkin at the final table as ‘D.Drumpf’ battled his way to sixth place for $748.54 and ‘bub242’ fell in eighth for $434.77, his second cash of the series.

Event #16 – $300 Eight Game 6-Max
Entries: 66
Prize pool: $18,480

  1. Money800NJ – $5,544.00
  2. R@zzleDazz1e – $3,696.00
  3. CrazyKilla – $2,772.00
  4. Pokeher299 – $1,848.00
  5. Wsopboy1997 – $1,386.00
  6. loosebad – $1,016.40

Event #17 – $50+R No Limit Hold’em
Entries: 139
Prize pool: $18,655

  1. hags2richez – $3,768.96
  2. IllblLLYmAC – $3,506.55
  3. gdtrfb62 – $2,266.58
  4. Money800NJ – $1,678.95
  5. MisAnnthr0pe – $1,119.30
  6. mocbel – $932.75
  7. WhostolemyRR – $746.20
  8. ForTheThr1ll – $559.65
  9. mmenz08816 – $466.37