NJCOP Main Event Has $34,000 Overlay, MikeFrancesa Wins


In case you missed it on Sunday, the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Main Event attracted a sizable field of 892 players at a buy-in of $185 apiece. Despite the nearly 900 players who turned out, the tournament, which took place on Borgata Pokerand PartyPoker and guaranteed $200,000, still featured a $34,000 overlay. You probably won’t hear any complaints from the users who cashed, however.

MikeFrancesaultimately emerged victorious from the NJCOP Main Event field, earning $33,000 and leading the group of 144 players who cashed. There was a four-way chop when all was said and done, with PocketSomunfinishing in second place for $20,000, cb123579taking third for $26,000, and MotherOfDragons taking fourth for $23,000. Here’s how the final nine cashed out, reflecting the deal amounts:

1. MikeFrancesa – $33,577
2. PocketSomun – $20,000
3. cb123579 – $26,459
4. MotherOfDragons – $23,164
5. Atlas – $9,000
6. sp015 – $6,900
7. TheRealOD – $4,900 (odi420)
8. dapunisher – $2,900
9. luckymanib319 – $2,000

In PocketFives’ New Jersey pokercommunity, players were posting their runs in the Main Event. Among them was curiousgeorge77, who typed, “So close, yet so far away. Busted 14th got caught stealing with Q-10 into A-8. Then had 20k left, but miracle to get to 60k. Then almost hit another miracle back to 200k with Q-8 vs A-10, flop K-Q-4, turn X, river J, go me. Damn, so close.”

PocketFiver odi420(pictured) made the final table and finished in seventh place for $4,900. He posted in the same New Jersey Local thread, “Well that was fun. Q-Q < 5-5 for 1.5m at the final table. Aipf and he flops quads. $5k will help take the sting off tomorrow." A few PocketFivers were not too impressed with their performances, among them Redhotmomma, who joked on Monday morning, “I played horribly and want to dip my face in a vat of boiling oil. Too many great opportunities this past week and either I was donked on or I played terribly.” Jaybone2315 lamented, “I didn’t win a single showdown in almost 4 hours. That was less than exciting.”

NJCOP was just one of many promotions we’ll see on Borgata Poker and PartyPoker in New Jersey. Sign up for Borgata Poker hereand sign up for PartyPoker here.

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