partypoker Reveals First Two Members of New ‘Team Online’

Hristivoje Pavlovic (left) and Matt Staples have been announced as the first two members of partypoker's brand new 'Team Online'.

Amid a flurry of recent news in the world of online poker ambassadorship, partypoker has announced the creation of their own “Team Online” and have revealed the first two players to be named to it.

Online Twitch streamers Matt Staples and Hristivoje ‘AllinPav’ Pavolic are the first poker pros named in what is expected to be a series of announcements of new members to the expanding team.

Matt Staples

Matt Staples, younger brother of former PokerStars ambassador Jaime Staples, followed in brother’s footsteps in becoming a full-time Twitch Poker streamers. From starting at the micros at age 18, Matt Staples, now 22, has come into his own as a full-time mid-high stakes regular tournament grinder.

“Becoming a sponsored pro is something I’ve aspired to for a while now and I couldn’t be happier about the partnership,” Staples said. “There’s nothing I like more than streaming tournaments on Twitch and I’m pumped to have the opportunity to showcase and help grow partypoker and their Twitch community.”

Although he had already embarked on his own poker journey on Twitch, Matt gained notoriety from his now famous #UltimateSweat prop bet. Matt and Jaime, with a significant weight discrepancy between them, were tasked with getting to the same weight within a year. Successfully completing the bet won the brothers $150,000 and brought the pair mainstream media exposure.

Hristivoje Pavlovic

One day after announcing Staples to the new team, Australia’s Hristivoje ‘ALLinPav’ Pavlovic was revealed as the second member of partypoker Team Online. ALLinPav

“Signing with partypoker ranks as one of my proudest achievements,” said Pavlovic. “I’m stoked to represent a company that has strong ethics at its heart, and I can’t wait to help build the great game of poker.”

Pavlovic, also a regular MTT grinder, is known for marathon Twitch sessions and consistently posting his wins and losses on his Twitter feed.

partypoker Tunes In

It’s clear that partypoker has decided to dive into the deep end when it comes to increasing their marketing efforts with regards to online streaming.

Not only is it expected that their own Team Online will be growing throughout the next week, but they have also agreed to a sponsorship/partnership deal with Bill Perkins’ “The Thirst Lounge.” They also have plans to live stream a new online high stakes cash game.

“We have been a bit behind the curve when it comes to streaming,” said partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters. ”We are hoping to make up for lost time by compiling an elite team that will be able to stream entertaining and engaging content 24/7.”

In addition to their newly created Team Online, partypoker promises streaming sessions from some of their already established Team partypoker Pros including Ludovic Geilich, Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard and Fedor Holz.