Pascal Hartmann Wins Weekly GGPoker Super MILLION$ For $454K

Pascal Hartmann won the 32nd edition of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ for $454K.

Germany’s Pascal Hartmann entered Tuesday’s GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table near the very bottom of the chip counts but after chipping up and eliminating each of his final five opponents, the high-stakes superstar emerged as this week’s winner and took home the $454,907 first-place prize.

Hartmann has been a consistent presence in the $10K Super MILLION$ field having participated in 31 of the 32 times the tournament has been run. This was his tenth in-the-money finish and fourth final table, the result of which has sent him into the tournament series top 10 money earners.

At the start of the day, Hartmann was in eighth place with roughly 25 big blinds and facing off against another talent-packed final table that included online poker legend Isaac Baron, Ami Barer, and 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event runner-up Dario Sammartino. Despite the hurdles in front of him, Hartmann managed to continually pick up big hands in key spots which lifted him to victory.

Even though the chips were flying in the first ninety minutes of the final table, it was slow going in terms of players hitting the rail. Finally, a short-stacked Aliakesei Boika shipped his final nine big blinds in with 7c7d and ran into Russia’s ‘RRomashka’s TcTd. Dominated by the pair as well as both suits, the board ran out 9c6c2h5c4c provided a little drama as Boika had both straight and straight flush outs headed into the river. But the pocket tens held and Boika fell in ninth place for $56,864.

Ami Barer exited in eighth place when his QsQc failed to hold against Argentina’s ‘OnTheFlow’s AdKc in a preflop clash. The board ran out Ah5s2c2s8s and Barer added $73,743 to his bankroll.

Then, roughly thirty minutes later, Kyle Menard hit the rail in painful fashion. A short-stacked Sammartino moved all in under the gun with QcJc. Looking to double up his own short stack, Menard called with his tournament on the line holding KdKs. The AcKh6h gave Menard middle set, but the Td turn turned the tide to Sammartino, hitting his gutshot straight draw. The 9h river was no help to Menard who exited in seventh place for $95,633.

Soon after the second break, Hartmann and Baron clashed for the chip lead. Under the gun, Baron raised with AhKc. It folded back to Hartmann in the big blind who three-bet with QsQd. Baron quickly shoved the rest of his 30 big blind stack and Hartmann made the call. The 9c8s5d6dTd board was clean for the pocket queens and Baron, who had won his previous Super MILLION$ final table appearance, settled for sixth place and $124,020.

Two hands later Hartmann was back in action, this time against Sammartino. The fortunes had reversed for these two players as Sammartino entered the final table as the chip leader but with five left was sitting on fewer than 10 big blinds. From the hijack, Sammartino put in a big raise with Ah4c, leaving himself with less than one big blind behind. On the button, Hartmann made the call with JdJs. The flop came Qs7d3c and Sammartino committed the rest of his chips, which Hartmann quickly called. Sammartino spiked the Ac on the turn and was in a perfect position to double up. But Hartmann spiked one of his two outs with the Jh river, sending Sammartino out in fifth for $160,834.

Hartmann’s heater continued when ‘RRomashka’ shoved all-in with 3s3h and Hartmann woke up with 8h8s. Hartmann spikes a set on the turn leaving ‘RRomashka’ drawing dead to the river. The Russian finished in fourth place for $208,576, nearly doubling the amount of their previous earnings in the Super MILLION$.

‘OnTheFlow’ was the next to go. Now, the overwhelming chip leader, Hartmann shoved from the small blind with As6d and ‘OnTheFlow’, with 13 big blinds, made his stand by calling all-in from the big blind with KhTh. The flop came Qc6s3d pairing Hartmann, but changing nothing. The turn was the 9c, giving ‘OnTheFlow’ additional straight outs. But the river came the 4h and ‘OnTheFlow’ was out in third place for $270,490.

Hartmann entered heads-up play against Ireland’s ‘Pluto The Doggo’ with a nearly 6-1 chip advantage. That grew to nearly 10-1 at one point but ‘Pluto The Doggo’, who was at their second Super MILLION$ final table in as many weeks, clawed their way back into the match by picking up a key pot or two and scoring a crucial double up. However, as it was demonstrated throughout the final table, it was Hartmann’s day.

On the final hand, Hartmann called on the button with Kh6h. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ put in a three-bet with Jh5s and Hartmann came along. The flop came 9d3h2h and ‘Pluto The Doggo’ led out, Hartmann with the flush draw made the call. The turn was the 7d and ‘Pluto The Doggo’ stayed aggressive, leading again. Hartmann made the call. The river came the 5h, pairing ‘Pluto The Doggo’ but giving Hartmann his flush. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ then checked and Hartmann shipped all-in. After taking some time, ‘Pluto The Doggo’ called off which sent him home as the runner-up. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ collected $350,782 for second place and brought his career Super MILLION$ total to just over $487,000.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (1/19)

1. Pascal Hartmann – $454,908
2. ‘Plutto The Doggo’ – $350,782
3. ‘OnTheFlow’ – $270,490
4. ‘RRomashka’ – $208,576
5. Dario Sammartino – $160,834
6. Isaac Baron – $124,020
7. Kyle Menard – $95,633
8. Ami Barer – $73,743
9. Aliaksei Boika – $56,864