PASCOOP: ‘Dragon Kenny’ Zooms To Heads-Up PKO Title For Over $9K

Wednesday night offered PA online poker players a pair of fast-paced heads-up tournaments.

Thursday night’s PokerStars PA SCOOP schedule was highlighted by a pair of fast and furious head-up, progressive total KO tournaments.

The events, which were played as ZOOM tournaments, gave Pennsylvania grinders a different look from the standard No Limit Hold’em tournaments that dominate the schedule. The goal of these heads-up battles is to blast through as much of the opposition as possible, collecting bounties along the way. In the end, how successful you are isn’t directly correlated with what ‘rank’ you end up with. With the entirety of the buy-in placed in the bounty pool, and zero dollars placed in a separate prize pool like traditional PKO’s, a player could only get paid if they took out an opponent.

In Event #36-H ($200 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom) it was ‘Dragon Kenney’ that not only outlasted the entire field of 197 entries, but also walked away as the biggest heads-up winner taking home $9,153.20 in bounties. He beat ‘wnunley’ in the final match, who picked up $1,986.43 along the way. While ‘wnunley’ technically came in second, he was third in total money earned as ‘HBGgolfSIM’, who finished in fourth place, earned $2,737.69 in bounties. ‘BirdBrain64’ also picked up four-figures worth of bounties, capturing the fourth-highest total of $1,499.63 for their efforts.

In the lower buy-in Event #36-L ($20 NLHE Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom) it was ‘NellyAA74’ who was the last player standing, taking home $1,269.24 in total bounties. ‘Chaserr11’ was the official runner-up, turning their $20 buy-in into $713.94 in bounties. ‘theraps316’ officially took home the bronze earning $645.02 in bounties, but it was ‘Clauso224215’ that took home the third-largest score of the tournament, wrapping up in sixth place but walking away with $700.19.

Although he didn’t get to the end in the Heads-Up event, ‘BirdBrain64’ finished off the evening with the biggest score of the night by taking down Event #35-H ($100 NLHE) for a $9,611.71 score. Right behind him was ‘kdQuel’ who fell in second place, earning $6,974.93. PokerStars PA reg ‘BMM2019’ also managed to climb into the top three, adding $5,061.70 to their bankroll for third place.

During heads-up play in Event #35-L ($10 NLHE), ‘thpinal’ was faced with a four-to-one chip deficit when he made the one time offer to chop evenly – no ICM. “If I double man, I swear I won’t chop I’m just telling you that…” he stated in chat but ‘starrynight42’, undeterred, opted to play it out. “No worries, I’d rather play. Even if you double it’s all good.” he typed in the chatbox.

Within five hands ’thpinal’ doubled. With the stacks even, ‘thpinal’ quickly offered an even chop yet again which ‘starrynight42’ ended up agreeing to. The pair played it out for the title, which was earned by ‘thpinal’ who also picked up an extra $125 for first for a total of $1,385.35. As the runner-up, ‘starrynight42’ earned $1,260.35 in the chop. ‘win 1023’ was the third-place finisher, picking up $795.38.

Event #35-H: $100 NLHE
594 entries
$54,529.20 ($20K Gtd)

  1. BirdBrain64 – $9,611.71
  2. kdQuel – $6,974.93
  3. BMM2019 – $5,061.70
  4. pariszoo11 – $3,673.27
  5. NeillyAA74 – $2,665.69
  6. TABLECAPTAINNNN – $1,934.49
  7. StashMoney14 – $1,403.86
  8. love2playpoker – $1,018.78
  9. TightIsRight570 – $739.33

Event #35-L: $10 NLHE
1,042 entries
$9,482.20 ($5K Gtd)

  1. thpinal – $1,385.35*
  2. starrynight42 – $1,260.35*
  3. nin1023 – $795.38
  4. Joesgut – $571.88
  5. seanfitz84 – $411.19
  6. Godwinski – $295.85
  7. huntem708 – $212.57
  8. olephillyboy4 – $152.84

Event #36-H: $200 NLHE Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom
197 entries
$36,642 ($25K Gtd)

  1. Dragon Kenney – $9,153.20 in bounties
  2. wnunley – $1,986.43 in bounties
  3. Morris Wanchuk – $927.09 in bounties
  4. HBGgolfSIM – $2,737.69 in bounties
  5. BirdBrain64 – $1,499.63 in bounties
  6. king12929 – $1,023.01 in bounties

Event #36-L: $20 NLHE Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom
916 entries
$16,671.20 ($7.5K Gtd)

  1. NellyAA74 – $1,269.24 in bounties
  2. Chaserr11 – $713.94 in bounties
  3. theraps316 – $645.02 in bounties
  4. bradman123 – $332.40 in bounties
  5. the0ne08 – $398.84 in bounties
  6. Clauso224215 – $700.19 in bounties