Paul Phua Wins partypoker MILLIONS Sochi $100K for $1.512M

Paul Phua wins MILLIONS Super High Roller Sochi $100,000 NL
Paul Phua wins MILLIONS Super High Roller Sochi $100,000 NL (photo: partypoker LIVE)

Less than a week after winning the Industry Person of the Year award at the Global Poker Awards, Paul Phua took home $1.512 million for winning the MILLIONS Super High Roller Series Sochi $100,000 No Limit Hold’em event.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Paul Phua – $1,512,000
  2. Matthias Eibinger – $1,008,000
  3. Webster Lim – $672,000
  4. Adrian Mateos – $420,000
  5. Michael Addamo – $336,000
  6. Kahle Burns – $252,000

The event attracted 42 entries and generated a prize pool of $4.2 million. The top six spots were set to be paid, with a min-cash being worth $252,000.

Entering the final table, it was Michael Addamo in the lead. Following the eliminations of Cary Katz and Ben Heath, the tournament was on the money bubble. The next player to fall was Michael Soyza, hitting the rail just one spot outside the money and securing a cash for the others. Soyza went out at the hands of Matthias Eibinger.

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According to the partypoker LIVE reporting staff, first to bust in the money was Kahle Burns, going out in sixth place at the hands of Adrian Mateos. Then it was Addamo falling in fifth place to Webster Lim.

With four players left, Phua was third in chips and Mateos was fourth. Mateos moved all in from the small blind with the 5c4c and Phua made the call from the big blind with the Ks7c. The board ran out 8d8s7s3s9h and Mateos took his exit with a $420,000 payday.

Shortly after busting Mateos, Phua doubled through Eibinger to take the chip lead. Eibinger had opened with a raise on the button and Phua had moved all in from the big blind. Eibinger called with the AsJd but was dominated against Phua’s AhQc. The KsKd3s4cTc board kept Phua in the lead and scored him the double.

Despite losing a chunk of chips doubling up Phua, Eibinger wasn’t the next player to bust. That was Lim who fell after Phua made a very good call against him.

After a preflop raise by Phua on the button and a call from Lim out of the big blind, Lim check-raised all in on the 4h3d3s flop. Phua tanked for a bit and eventually called with the Ac5d. Lim had the 7c5c. The turn was the 8d and the river was the 9c to give Phua the win and send Lim out in third place for $672,000.

Phua took the chip lead into heads-up play against Eibinger and made fairly quick work of his opponent. On the final hand, Phua had raised with the As8s and Eibinger defended with a call holding the Th8h. Eibinger then called bets on the flop and turn of the Ah9d8cKd board to bring the two to the 6c on the river. After Eibinger checked the river, Phua bet to put him all in. Eibinger made the call with his pair of eights but saw the bad news that Phua had two pair. With that, Eibinger was eliminated in second place for a $1.008 million payday.

The victory pushed Phua to more than $18.2 million in career live tournament earnings, and the score was his sixth seven-figure payday from a live poker tournament.