PCA: Cary Katz Wins $100K Super High Roller

Cary Katz added $1.49 million to his bankroll Monday night by winning the 2018 PCA Super High Roller (Neil Stoddart/PokerStars photo)

A few days ago Cary Katz contemplated skipping the opening few days of the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure altogether and flying his family to Atlanta to watch his alma mater, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, play in the NCAA Championship football game.

He didn’t though, and Monday night, just minutes after the game kicked off, Katz capped off an impressive three-day run to win the $100,000 Super High Roller for nearly $1.5 million.

“I did think about flying to the game to watch it, but decided I’d rather watch it here with my family, even if it’s not live,” said Katz. “If Georgia wins, it will be the greatest night of my life for sure,” said Katz.

It took just 10 hands before the first player was sent packing. Bryn Kenney raised to 110,000 from UTG before Sam Greenwood moved all in from the big blind. Kenney called and tabled AA while Greenwood showed K♣K♠. The board ran out J♠8♣6♣9J♣ to eliminate Greenwood in seventh place.

Ivan Luca picked up the next elimination. The table folded to Luca in the small blind and he moved all in. Isaac Haxton gave some consideration to folding before eventually calling all in for 1,410,000. Luca tabled A4 while Haxton showed QJ. The K♠9♣3♣ flop gave Haxton extra outs but neither the K♣ turn or 7♣ river was any help and he was out in sixth.

That hand propelled Luca to the chip lead but just two hands later, the Argentinian was shaking hands and heading to the payout window. After losing almost 1,000,000 on one hand against Kenney, Luca went to battle against the American again. Luca raised to 175,000 from the cutoff and Kenney re-raised to 635,000 from the small blind. Luca moved all in for 3,095,000 and Kenney called instantly. Luca turned over AJ♣ and found himself in bad shape after Kenney tabled A♣K♣. The board ran out 97♣3A7 to send Luca out in fifth place in dramatic fashion.

Kenney had a small part in another elimination 28 hands later. Kenney raised to 210,000 from UTG and action folded to Daniel Negreanu in the small blind. He moved all in for 840,000, Justin Bonomo then moved all in over the top from the big blind and Kenney folded. Negreanu turned over KK♠ and Bonomo showed A♣J. Kenney told the table he folded an ace, leaving Bonomo just two more to hit. The flop came A54♣ to put Bonomo ahead. Neither the Q turn or 2 river were any help for Negreanu and he was forced to settle for a fourth-place result.

Kenney’s run eventually ended in a confrontation with Bonomo. Katz folded his button, Bonomo moved all in from the small blind and Kenney called all in from the big. Bonomo showed Q♠10 which put him behind Kenney’s K9. The J10♣3 flop flipped the script though and Kenney was unable to catch back up after the A turn or 4♠ river.

The tournament ended just seven hands later. Bonomo moved all in for 3,300,000 and Katz called, having Bonomo covered. Bonomo revealed A♣K while Katz had 8♣8. The 93♠2♠ flop changed nothing and Katz remained safe through the Q♠ turn and J river to eliminate Bonomo and win a second career $100,000 buy-in event.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Cary Katz – $1,492,340
  2. Justin Bonomo – $1,077,800
  3. Bryn Kenney – $686,960
  4. Daniel Negreanu – $521,140
  5. Ivan Luca – $402,700
  6. Isaac Haxton – $307,940
  7. Sam Greenwood – $248,720