pleno1, Jovial Gent, elpim Make Final 26 of WSOP Extended Play Event


Twenty-six players remain in the $1,500 Extended Play No Limit Hold’em event at the World Series of Poker. At stake is a $478,000 first place prize and bracelet winner Barny Boatman (pictured) owns the lead with a stack of 1.15 million in chips.

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Antonio Esfandiari was the chip leader when we checked in on Monday night, but Boatman crippled him. Coverage on detailed what happened when Boatman faced a 4bet from Esfandiari pre-flop: “There has been a bit of recent history between these two players and now they are in a blind-on-blind confrontation. The action is on Boatman and he looks in no mood to give up to Esfandiari’s aggression and slides out his own raise to 174,000.”

Esfandiari asked for a count and responded by shoving all-in. Boatman called with K-K only to see Esfandiari had aces, but a flop of 5-5-K put the Brit out in front for good. The hand moved Boatman to almost one million in chips. Shortly thereafter, Esfandiari was eliminated.

After doubling up late in the day on Monday, Jonathan FieryJustice Little went busto after 3betting all-in before the flop with 6-5 of diamonds and getting a call from a player with 8-8. Little flopped a straight draw and turned a flush draw, but couldn’t connect on the river and earned $11,000 for 28th place.

Yevgeniy Jovial GentTimoshenko (pictured), the chip leader entering Monday’s restart, is now the second shortest stack in the room at 226,000. He gave some chips to Nick Duvall late in the day after Duvall was all-in on a board of 9-8-6-K. Timoshenko questioned, “Do you have a flush draw? What do you want me to do? Are you going to show if I fold?” Timoshenko ultimately folded and Duvall showed 7-6. Timoshenko said he had an overpair.

Here’s how the field looks. The blinds were 5,000-10,000-1,000 when the action stopped:

1. Barny Boatman – 1,152,000
2. Luis elpim Duarte – 1,079,000
3. Artem Metalidi – 1,056,000
4. Yehoram Houri – 895,000
5. Anthony ott-man87 Diotte – 817,000
6. Ross Gottlieb – 780,000
7. Enrico Rudelitz – 732,000
8. Auddie Reynolds – 605,000
9. Patrick pleno1 Leonard – 581,000
10. Adrian Apmann – 574,000
11. Kurt Lichtman – 554,000
12. April Facey – 498,000
13. Nicholas Duvall – 495,000
14. Gabriel Andrade – 493,000
15. Daniel Buckley – 481,000
16. Andrew Mackenzie – 426,000
17. Leonardo Oliveira – 390,000
18. Johnathan Dahlberg – 390,000
19. Justin win0rgohome Zaki – 381,000
20. Joshua Reynolds – 379,000
21. Konstantin Puchkov – 367,000
22. Ryan Lee – 323,000
23. Craig Roberts – 254,000
24. Ruslan Gazaev – 250,000
25. Yevgeniy Jovial Gent Timoshenko – 226,000
26. Yuri Ishida – 223,000

The Extended Play event restarts at 1:00pm PT on Tuesday.

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  1. I think this was the best event of the year, and some of the “unknown” players here are among the most patient grinders out there. If the goal of a tournament is to identify the best player, the longer levels really seem to do it.

    I think they should take the double level idea of the small limit events, and do that on day three for all the levels of every tournament.