PocketFives Rankings Update: Yuri Martins Reclaims #1 Spot


It’s Wednesday, which means the PocketFives Online Poker Rankingshave been recalculated. This week, we have a new #1 player in the world, Yuri Martins (pictured). The Brazilian has a brisk 8,433 PLB Points, which represents a commanding 742-point lead over second place. Martins was last ranked #1 in October and this is his second stint at the top.

Martins staked out his claim to be #1 thanks to a win in the PokerStarsKnockout Week Main Event on December 14 for $76,000 officially and over 700 PLB Points. Martins was the only PocketFiver at the six-handed final table and the tournament drew 5,000 entrants. He plays as theNERDguyon PokerStars, where he has almost $4 million in career online tournament winnings.

Last week’s #1, Austria’s CrownUpGuy, dropped one spot to #2 in the world. He won the Sunday 500 last month to send his PLB score flying high and is up to $2.7 million in career online tournament winnings. CrownUpGuy had been enjoying his first stint at #1, but we’re pretty confident we’ll see him back at the top in the future.

There wasn’t a ton of movement overall in the Rankings this week. One of the biggest jumps inside the top 100 belonged to Sweden’s Smeckten(pictured), who rose 19 spots to settle at #40. He has three tournament wins in the last six days – the PokerStars.fr Thursday Full KO, PokerStars Hot $16.50, and Full Tilt Turbo Hundo – for over $16,000 combined.

Canada’s Mark dipthrong Herm, who won the FTOPS XXVII leaderboard and two FTOPS jerseys, rose 13 spots to #41 in the PocketFives Rankings. Herm has recorded a rock solid eight wins since December began:

FTOPS Event #5 for $18,000
PokerStars $5.50R NL Omaha H/L for $315
FTOPS Event #12 for $17,000
PokerStars $55 Saturday PLO for $2,900
PokerStars $55 NLHE KO for $5,200
Full Tilt Benjamin for $3,700
PokerStars $109R for $10,000
PokerStars $22 Cubed for $6,400

Finally this week, we wanted to single out London’s lasagnaaammm, who moved up 24 spots thanks to a win in the PokerStars Sunday 500 over the weekend. He’s sitting with $5 million in combined live and online tournament winnings and can be found at #57 in the world.

Here are the top 10 players in the PocketFives Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each:

1. Yuri Martins– 8,433 points
2. CrownUpGuy– 7,691 points
3. p0cket00– 7,502 points
4. PokerKaiser– 7,389 points
5. pleno1– 7,177 points
6. Big Huni – 7,005 points
7. joaomathias– 6,980 points
8. r4ndomr4gs– 6,978 points
9. vicenfish– 6,691 points
10. European– 6,568 points

Congrats to all of our ranked players!

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