PocketFives, Running Aces Teaming Up for Winter Poker Open

Published on Dec 13th, 2013

Come one, come all to the Running Aces Harness Park in Columbus, Minnesota for the first ever PocketFives Winter Poker Open. Located about 30 minutes from Minneapolis, Running Aces will host our event starting on Friday, December 27 at 5:00pm local time, just two days after Christmas, with Day 1A. Day 1B will follow on Saturday, December 28 at Noon and the Winter Poker Open will wrap up on Sunday, December 29 starting at 2:00pm.

The event has a $335 buy-in and blind levels will stretch for 30 minutes. Each player will begin with 20,000 in chips. As an added bonus, Day 2 of the PocketFives Winter Poker Open will also feature the Minnesota Poker Awards. Chris Fox Wallace has been the brains behind organizing the tournament thus far. Wallace is a regular at Running Aces and a longstanding member of the PocketFives community. We'd like to thank him for his hard work and dedication so far.

Running Aces will host 20% qualifiers with an $80 buy-in on Thursday, December 26 at 6:00pm and Friday, December 27 at 11:00am. These will have 15-minute blind levels and give entrants 10,000 in starting chips. You can check out all of the blind levels for the Winter Poker Open by clicking here.

On our site, we have set up a dedicated Live Events page for the Winter Poker Open that will have full updates from Wallace and company on location at Running Aces. There will also be a special Twitter section for news, notes, and nuggets from those playing. You can follow @foxpokerfox, @p5spt, and @runaces and use the hashtag #p5swo if you're planning to play. When you do the latter, your Tweets will show up on PocketFives.

The PocketFives Winter Open allows you to interact with other members of our community and the live poker world at large in a relaxed setting. We are looking forward to co-hosting with Running Aces and appreciate their involvement in one of our first big live poker tournaments ever.

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  1. cool. wish i was in the MN area.hopefully p5's will team up for some tourneys in the nj area in the future.either way, should be a good tourney in MN, gl to those who go!

  2. Was soooo sure Fox had something to deal with this, GG man !!!

  3. I just might have to leave the confines of my warm man cave and show up for a live tourney. Even if playing on fly-by-night internet poker sites in my jammies seems so much more rewarding.

  4. Is it a re-entry if you bust day 1a? Prolly see you guys there on 1b!

    Originally Posted by tedSTRETCH View Post

    Is it a re-entry if you bust day 1a? Prolly see you guys there on 1b!

    There is re-entry until the end of the second break, according to Fox.

    Thread Starter
  6. Any Pkt'5s swag being handed out or added to the prize pool? Might be the deciding factor on whether I go or not.

  7. FYI...it says $335 here but on the Live Events page it says $330.

  8. I will also be giving out presents! P5s shirts, Running Aces shirts, card protectors, books and more! This event will be a ton of fun.

  9. In the Twin Cities for the holidays but doubtful i'll have time to play. Goodluck to everyone who plays

  10. will be tons of fun...looking forward to it... P5 ftw!

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