Poker Players Troubled by Merge Gaming Withdrawal Issues: Part 2


One day after we reported on the ongoing withdrawal issues taking place at US-facing Merge Gaming sites, several users have reported having their long-standing cashout requests processed. Note that PocketFives does not recommend depositing on Merge sites, which aren’t regulated in the US, as we feel your funds could be at risk.

Until the beginning of this year, the company was more or less able to hit its stated target withdrawal time of three to five weeks. That all changed shortly after the Super Bowl, however, with very few players seeing any movement on their requests since that time.

But the recent negative publicity aimed at the site on PocketFives and elsewhere seems to have spurred the network into action. Many players received emails on Thursday and Friday confirming that their cashouts had either been processed, or would be soon.

“Since our payments originate abroad, we have to allow for currency conversions and so on” said one such email. “Once your payment appears as processed, it will usually be delivered fairly swiftly… Sometimes we are able to get your money on its way to you sooner, but on other occasions it may take a little longer than the quoted time frame. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.”

The company has consistently told disgruntled users that it is working through a large “backlog” of cashout requested from the Super Bowl. The site also pinned the blame for the delay on problems with payment processors.

One user pointed to the fact that Merge had recently increased its minimum deposit amount from $25 to $50 and believed it to be a desperate attempt to “get more money on the site.” In response, PocketFives co-founder Adam Small (pictured) highlighted how dealing with unscrupulous payment processors is fraught with risk.

“What this probably really means is that they’re getting hit with bigger fees by their payment processors and are compensating by avoiding smaller deposits,” he said. “For the most part, payment processing has been getting more and more difficult for years now for US-facing sites based offshore. The fewer working processors there are, which is likely due to it getting increasingly risky and difficult to pull off, the more money it costs to process.”

While some players have had their requests processed, it remains to be seen if banks will actually accept them. On one occasion, America’s Cardroom, which is not a Merge Gaming site, but takes US customers without being regulated in the US, suggested that Mike timexMcDonald tell his bank that his deposit was for “sporting goods from China.” One PocketFives user recently took his check to the bank only to be told that it was fraudulent.

The whole affair underscores the risk inherent in playing poker on unregulated offshore sites. These operators can do virtually anything they please with player deposits and are not subject to US law. Case in point, Lock Poker closed up shop last month, sucking in millions of dollars owed to players into a black hole.

While online gambling is now regulated in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson is doing anything in his power to shut the industry down. If he gets his wish, players will be funneled into unregulated sites like these, where virtually anything goes and nothing is guaranteed.

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  1. I still have not had my check request processed from 2/21/15 and did not receive any emails from Merge stemming from this article rubbing belly saying everything would be ok. I hope at least some people get their withdrawals and maybe one day I may get mine. #Hope2015

    • I find the timing very suspicious that they process payments after articles were written on p5s and 4flush.Also the fact that they don’t process skrills withdrawals is also very alarming. The upcoming OPS will be the nail in the coffin i don’t see how they can make the guarantees if nobody trusts the website. Either there will be very large overlays or cancelled tournaments.

    • don’t worry jstrandt we didn’t need ours before the poster that had his april one processed already (on other forum)

    • the last conversation with the rep i posted in the merge cash out thread the manager insists it’s first come first serve. a friend of mine requested March 4th and got an email yesterday. Me requested Feb 22nd nothing…

    • I just got an email yesterday saying they were processing a check for me and it would be sent soon. This is in less than one week. Granted i did have a wu processing for a week then they made me cancel it and request a check. I previously had requested a check in early Dec and deposited it in early Jan. After the $ was in my bank a month it got lost in the mail being sent back to Canada. That check was for $2500.Since then i got 1k off through WU, lost $500 back to the site, and have a 1k check being processed now. In the mean time i had to answer a lot of questions to my bank such as whether i always receive Canadian checks? When will i get the new check, etc? I sold stock to put $ in to my checking but i was supposed to talk to the bank manager when i got the $2500 check again. Well obbiously it is going to be a different amount now and i have no idea how this will play out. In the message from Carbon it says you cant go to a check cashing place with this check so i guess i have to go through my bank. I hope they let me deposit it. I have no idea what im going to tell them about it being a different amount and why it took so long. Moral of the story………fuuuuuuuuuck merge!

    • Requested check on Feb 10 and still pending

      This site is a complete joke and treats its customers like crap


      I know right! It def feels like some sort of ponzi scheme. People saying they probably took away the cash transfer so they can “focus on a back log of checks” or whatever. But if they had plenty of money like they’re supposed to, there shouldn’t be any problems with customers cashing out via money transfer or a check for more than the $2500 max. I mean seriously though, how can no cash transfer option, and a 10+ week wait for a $2500 check not be some sort of ponzi scheme? it seems like they’re just riding this wave until it dries up. I hope I’m dead wrong obv, but some of the writing is already on the wall.

    • If you believe your money is anything but Monopoly money then I feel bad for you. U might get lucky at first but at some point u won’t get paid. Think about what tilt did. I can’t for life of me understand why it seems like a lot of poker players are like feins.

    • We play for the joy of competition. I enjoy the luck vs skill challenge when I play. Bodog is good too me so is full flush but I don’t mess with merge anymore. I have noticed some very sick suck outs on AMC on their jackpot formats. Some even going all in with nothing at all “not a pair, draw or back door flush” I have lost with trip Aces twice in 10 min when my opponents catch runner runner of the same card lmao what are the odds of that? So, maybe it’s me being over cautious but I’m gonna take a break from AMC for a while (at least on the Jack Pot Poker format)

    • Would love to trust the site again but for now my opinion is.. #MostExpensivePlayMoneyOnTheMarket

    • I have requested a check since 3/31 still processing and customer support just says I will get paid. I doubt I will ever see that money.