Poker Track Pro: a Robust Live Poker Tracking Smartphone App


The Poker Track Pro app could be a gold mine for live players.

The game of poker is a number-cruncher’s dream, and players who can recognize patterns in the data hold a distinct advantage over those who can’t. One of the most basic ways a player can analyze their game over time is by keeping an accurate log of their win/loss rate for each session they play.

While developers were quick to build tools to parse online poker hand history files to achieve such a task and more, apps for live poker players were lacking. Poker Track Pro is a smartphone app that aims to take live poker tracking to the next level by offering features only previously available in full PC or Mac HUD programs.

Poker Track Pro was created in 2011 by poker player Rick Medved after he was unable to find an iOS app that included all the features that he wanted. Since then, he has dedicated hundreds of hours of coding time to implementing those ideas, producing one of the most robust iOS poker tracking apps available.

The app works for both cash games and tournaments and starts building its database when you enter your session buy-in and cashout amounts. The app keeps track of your wins and losses and presents your results in charts and graphs to show your progress for any dates you choose. From time to time, you’ll even be given tips to better your play based on the app’s analysis of your data.

Medved believes that while the app has become very popular with pros, players of any level can benefit from it.

“Anyone who plays on a regular basis should be keeping track of their wins and losses,” he said. “The app helps you to fine-tune your game and improve it.”

He says that Poker Track Pro can also stop players from going on tilt after a bad loss.

“Without tracking your stats, players often get frustrated and donk off a lot of chips thinking they would rather go home,” he said. “But when you are tracking the numbers, you are more inclined to cash out chips after a bad loss rather than going on tilt. People don’t realize it, but tracking profits really changes your game – for the better.”

Now on Version 10.4 of Poker Track Pro, Medved has consistently released upgrades to the app and is always looking for new ideas to implement. One clever feature, which allows you to share your stats with friends and view your buddies’ chip stack amounts in real-time, came to him during a trip to Las Vegas with his brother.

“We were at times playing at different tables or in different casinos and kept calling each other to get updates on each of the others’ sessions,” he said. “I thought, ‘Why not have the app keep track of this automatically?'”

Poker Track Pro, which has a stellar, near-five-star review, is capable of much more than we’ve listed here. Currently, the app is only available for iOS devices at a cost of $12.99. You also have the option of downloading a free version called Poker Track Pro Lite, which gives you access to limited features, but can give you an overall feel for what the full app offers. Visit to learn more about the product.